Run to the hills!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting my Megaboss. Bonus points to you if you sang the post title as you read it.

Megaboss & Johann.JPG

As a reward for finishing off my Plague Marines last week, I treated myself to painting my Megaboss, Snikchop. He’ll be the leader of Da Beast Boyz for the foreseeable future; until such a time as I get myself a mounted version (Megaboss on Maw-krusha) to replace him with. I definitely will get around to that at some point, but I want to get everything else painted for my Ironjawz first.

I also painted our very own version of Johann the Unlucky (original spelling)! I’ll take him over to the Aaronorium with me the next time that I’m there, and then the rest of the guys can use him for scale in any of their model/terrain photos if they so wish. He’s a great little model, and was fun (and very quick) to paint too. I painted him in the traditional colours of Stirland, as that’s where he was originally from – back in the days of the Old World.

As the end is very much in sight for my Death Guard now (with my unpainted model count now being in single figures), the question is: should I paint my Blightlords or Deathshroud first…

7 thoughts on “Run to the hills!

  1. Not only did I sing it aloud, I threw in a “scream for me Ghur!” when I saw what you were writing about 😀 Nice work on Snikchop there, still impressed that you manage to make orcs in green armour work.

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    1. Cheers, dude! I wanted to do something different with my Orruks, so opting to make them the greenest boyz in the realm seemed like the most unique idea. It helped knowing that Death Guard Green was available as a spray, and most things looks good after a wash of Agrax Earthshade. Painting them is rather straightforward, as the majority of the work is already done for me!

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  2. Smashing work on the Warboss! 👍

    If it were me, I’d paint the Blightlords first, since a unit of painted terminators are essential to go along with the Plague marines. The Deathshroud would be a final final treat considering they look badass with their grim and putrid scythes.

    Actually, just a quick question, I have a small Deathguard army (haven’t worked out the Pts as I don’t have Chapter Approved 2018), and I was wondering what you’d recommend for a small Deathguard patrol detachment?

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    1. Cheers, dude! The Blightlords will almost certainly see more use in games, so I’m leaning more towards them. I don’t have the best win/loss record, but here are a few thoughts from me about smaller games with Death Guard.

      I’d recommend a few small units of Plague Marines and a (bigger than minimum) unit or two of Poxwalkers for your Troops. The Plague Marines will do most of your damage, whilst being resilient objective holders. Always double up on special weapons, or triple up with a Plasmagun Champion. I think that Blight Launchers are better than Plasmaguns though. Their lower Strength is offset by re-rolling 1s to wound, they can always shoot twice (being Assault weapons), and they do more damage (D3 as opposed to 1 or 2). The Poxwalkers are there to soak up bullets as they shamble towards the enemy. If you can swell their ranks with a few close combat kills, all the better!

      I go with a Malignant Plaguecaster as my default HQ choice. Smite is always handy (and his special rule can cause an extra Mortal Wound at close range too), but my preferred powers are the buffs. I can’t remember their names, but one makes a friendly unit -1 to hit, and another one gives a friendly unit +1S and +1T. The second is especially handy to cast on a big unit of Poxwalkers; making them S4/T4 is a huge boost, and gives them an even greater chance to ‘convert’ a few enemies in close combat. After that, I’d go with Foetid Bloat-Drones or Myphitic Blight-Haulers for harassment. They’re quite expensive, but they’re pretty tough, pretty fast, and they can put out a lot of damage.

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      1. Thank you very much for the advice! 🙂

        I’ve nearly got everything listed apart from a full unit of Poxwalkers, I’ll grab a few more at some point. Would a Rhino and a Defiler be worth adding to smaller games?

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      2. A Rhino would be handy to get a melta/flamer squad into range quicker, and I imagine a Defiler would be rather nasty. I’ve no experience with them though, so I may be talking nonsense!


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