Danger Zone

This week I took a couple of hours to knock up a tester tile for our Zone Mortalis board. I wanted something that was quick and dirty and repeatable, cause I’ve got 16 of the buggers to get through.


I took some queues from the ZM tiles in the Necro box for the floor, and I went for a very simple Incubi basecoat and Kabalite edge highlight (both drybrushed) on the walls – it’s kind of a weird blue/green that’s hard to photograph, but looks great irl. The floors are just successive stippling of Leadblecher, Rhinox, Doombull and Skrag with an old, frayed tank brush, and then some watered-down Skrag painted into the recesses.


I was going to airbrush in the lamps, but I’ve not used an airbrush properly before, so I chickened out! I’ll go back and do some more work on the walls once the rest of the tiles are done – weathering, posters, graffiti, et al – but for now this looks good enough to play on. And once we scatter on barrels and barricades and all that kind of stuff the walls should fade into the background, like any good piece of terrain should.


I’ll probably leave the tops flat black. I’ve always seen the ZM boards as a slice through a compound with a higher ceiling, so to me it looks better as a cut-away than the top of the wall. I’m even tempted to go round the edges with red like the walls on the cardboard tiles.


I want to get another three of these done up in the next few weeks so that we can use them as a 24″x24″ Kill Team board, along with accompanying scatter terrain. I’ll probably not post about them as they’ll look much the same as this one, but if I do anything radically different or do some extra work on the walls I’ll be sure to keep you all posted!


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