On the case!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been tidying up my cases. It’s not as interesting as painting new models, but it’s a necessary evil.

Cases (1)

I’m a very organised guy (planning and resourcing is my day job), so it’s second nature to me to apply similar levels of organisation to my hobby. I won’t bore you with the details, but I’ve got a spreadsheet listing all of the models that I own and their current status (boxed, assembled, basecoated, painted). It also lists models that I don’t yet own, so that I make sure to include them in any storage plans!

With the upcoming release of Speed Freeks, I’ll be needing some more storage for my Orks, so I invested in some new cases ready for them. Well, when I say ‘new’ cases I mean ‘new to me’. The cases that I got were the old Games Workshop/Citadel cases with the foam with individual model spaces – not the new Citadel ones with the zigzag foam. I’ve got a small one of those as my travel case for trips to the Aaronorium, but I’m not a fan of the zigzag foam. I’m sure it’s fine for Space Marines and models in fairly static poses, but I find that it doesn’t suit bigger models or those with more elaborate poses.

I got out some paper and mapped out what models I’d put where, and then re-organised things to fit. It all turned out quite well, and I feel a sense of achievement. As a result, I’ve now got nine cases in use:

  • Large green GW/small black GW = Bad Moons
  • Large blue GW/small black GW = Deathskulls
  • Large red GW/small black GW = Evil Sunz
  • Large black Citadel = Death Guard and Nurgle Daemons
  • Small black Citadel = ready for future a Horus Heresy army (I am Alpharius)
  • Small silver Warhammer = Destruction (Ironjawz and Moonclan)

To help to differentiate between my small black GW cases, I decided to add a bit of colour to them. That’s the main reason that I’m fussy about wanting the old GW cases – so that I can put the ‘Orks’ into ‘Games Workshop’! That way, I can just grab the case that I need without having to open it first to check which army it contains models for.

Cases (2)

The only problem now, is that I’ll have to try to source some more old GW cases to put my Blood Axes in when I get around to them…

4 thoughts on “On the case!

  1. The old cases were really good for storage, I’ve still got mine and my brothers cases for nine years now! However, the zigzag cases are a nightmare as it’s difficult to store anything in there without nearly breaking the models.

    GW could’ve continued with the old slot cases with bigger slots for bigger bases like Stormcast Eternals. Maybe even a case that can finally safely store SE Prosecutors.

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    1. I concur. They can accommodate 32mm bases reasonably well, but I usually cut out a few dividers and lie 40mm based models sideways.


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