Black Squiggoth!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been going old school.

Although I’ve nearly finished my Death Guard, I thought that I’d best paint some greenskins with it being Orktober. We’ve got a Kill Team weekend coming up soon too, so rather than using some models from one of my existing Ork armies, I thought it’d be fun to paint something new. By new, I actually mean rather old. So old in fact, that they might be older than some of the people reading this!

I’ve already got large Deathskull, Bad Moon and Evil Sunz armies, and plans for a small Blood Axe force in the future too. My Ironjawz could pass for Snakebites at a push, so that just left me needing some Goffs to have full representation of the clans. Being a heavy metal fan, the Goff Rockers were the first choice for my Kill Team, and my friend Simon very helpfully managed to get me a blister. Blisters, eh. Remember them?

Goff Rockers.JPG

You might have heard of Black Squiggoth. They’re known throughout the sector for their headbanging riffs, pyro-heavy stage shows and riot-inciting world tours. If you’re quick, you can catch them performing at Squigfest, where you can hear them play such classics as:
#The Warphead
#War Squigs
#Planet Battlewagon
#Panzees Wear Boots
#Squiggoth Bloody Squiggoth
#The Mob Rule
Tour shirts are available, starting at just 25 teef for Boyz sizes.

I wanted to get them painted up fairly quickly, so I used a variation of Fil Dunn’s guide from the #July 2008# White Dwarf. Basically, you basecoat them black, pick out the skin, leather and metal, give everything a black wash and then highlight things. I had to use the modern equivalents of the old paints listed in the article, but I used Badab Black for the washes as I’ve still got a pot. Nuln Oil would be the modern equivalent.

Using a black wash instead of a brown one has made them a fair bit darker than my usual Orks, but it seems fitting for Goffs. It feels appropriate that they should have darker skin as they’ll likely be getting into more scraps being a very up close and personal clan. I used red as a spot colour (as is tradition), and they’ve got a fair amount of skulls on them too.

In game terms, while it would be cool to count them as Nobz with Big Choppas (they are wielding axes, after all), I’ll be counting them as Burna Boyz instead. They don’t have the backpacks, but they’ve got similar poses with their two-handed ‘weapons’. Plus, it means I can claim that any casualties were caused by (literally) face-melting guitar solos…

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