Da Tinboyz are back in town!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been continuing my old school binge.

Orktober continued for me this week with some further additions to my retro Kill Team, in the form of three Tinboyz and a Runtbot. The majority of these were very kindly donated to me by the good Dr. Mark. He’s a good egg.

Tinboyz & Runtbot

Being Goffs, they’re mostly black, but with them not having green faces I decided to give them green eyes instead. I also added a bit of colour by painting their heads to hint at where they were looted from. Therefore, we have an Ultramarine Beekee, an Alaitoc Panzee, and a red-headed Stunti (as they mostly had bronze helmets/faceplates back in the day). I also opted for a silver head for the Runtbot, because I’m a metalhead myself.

I could only find official reference pictures of the Beekee and Runtbot in my copy of the old ‘Ere We Go! sourcebook, so I tweaked things a little and went off the Beekee scheme for my Panzee and Stunti. These were super quick and easy to paint, and a lot of fun. Just look at their happy little faces! They’ve got so much character for such small models (by today’s standards).

In game terms, whilst the Tinboyz look like small Meganobz (with their Kustom Shootas and Power Fists), I’ll be counting them as Spanners instead. Their Power Fists will just be oversized hands, but their Shootas look impressive enough to big counted as (short) Big Shootas. As for the Runtbot, it’s got a generous amount of dakka (but never enough), so I’ll be counting it as a Loota.

So that’s 3 Burna Boyz, 3 Mekboyz and a Loota so far. Looks like I need someone to lead my ragtag mob of Goff misfits…

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