Family reunion.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been finishing off my retro Kill Team.

Ghazghkulls (2)

It’s still Orktober, so I’m still painting Orks! This week, I finished off my old school mob with a pair of Ghazghkulls and a Makari. I also arranged a small family reunion with all three generations of Ghazghkull, but the old ones ganged up on the yoof and accused him of not looking like a proppa Goff. Makari was just glad to be alive again, and held on to his lucky stikk for dear life.

For those of you who don’t know, the Goff Warboss model on the left was technically the first Ghazghkull (also referred to as Ghazghkull Tarknash), back in ‘Ere We Go! when Andy Chambers created him for a sample Goff Ork Warband. There was a Painboy model called Grotsnik in that article too, but he was a Goff as aswell, rather than the crazy Deathskull we all know and love today.

There are a lot of similarities between the Goff Warboss model and the first official Ghazghkull model, which I didn’t realise until I owned them both. They’ve both got skull boots, lined jackets with armour plates on, horned belts, a bunch of stikkbombs on their belt and the iconic helmet and gun. The main differences are the old Ork chainsword of the Goff Warboss (as you had to add your own right arm) being replaced with a regular sword, and the eyepatch being removed.

I roughly copied the published colour schemes for these three (from the old ‘Ere We Go! sourcebook and the second edition of Codex Orks), but left out some of the brighter ‘second edition’ parts. After all, it ain’t the red period any more!

In game terms, Ghazghkull will be the Boss Nob of my Kill Team. He’s the biggest and baddest Ork model of his era (not that yellow git, Nazdreg), so it’s only right. The Goff Warboss will be one of his Boyz, and Makari will be a (very lucky) Grot. I’m tempted to count them as a Kommando Boss Nob and Kommando instead, but I’m not sure that they look sneaky enough…

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