The Scenic Route

For the last month or so – in fact since whenever it was that I painted those Thorns of the Briar Queen – I’ve been painting scenery. So much scenery. We had a bunch of friends over for a Kill Team weekend a couple of weeks back, so I wanted to get enough Zone Mortalis tiles knocked out to do a kill team board, and that was all in the middle of painting up a stack of our AoS scenery that has been lying around for a while. But it’s nice to pull out the big paintbrushes and drybrush the sh*t out of something after lots of fiddly model details, so I was prepared to ride the scenery train as far as it would go and see how much I could get done.


The extra ZM tiles are just an extension of the first one I did and talked about a couple of posts ago, so I’ll not harp on about it here again. The stencils and hazard stripes are just borrowed from the Necro cardboard tiles – I scribbled them on quickly with a pencil and then filled them in with paint. They’re pretty rough up close but look great from a distance.


The slime is one of the texture paints, quickly drybrushed with greens getting progressively lighter out to the edges to try and get the glow.


The barrels and crates were a rush job to get some scatter scenery done for the board. I might come back to them in the future, but I don’t even know if it’d be worth it. Once we get some doors and barricades done there should be plenty of variation.


The walls came out a lot darker than I thought they would. I dunno if I just painted them under really bright lights, but they look almost black in all the photos. I really don’t want to go back and do them again as I’ve weathered them already, but I might do in the little spotlights with an airbrush or something.


Now that we’ve finally got the full compliment of gangs with the Delaques we’re probably going to start thinking about doing some proper Necro gaming, so I want to do another two tiles soonish so we have at least enough for a Necro game.

On the AoS front, the first thing I did was a tester Shattered Dominion tile in an alternate scheme to our green tiles, and followed that up with a bunch of scenery; some new, and some repainted.


The scheme for the board I pinched right from the Nighthaunt book, so it looks rather Shyishian. I figure we can use it either as a Realm of Death board, or just a particularly arid part of Ghur. I don’t know what to do with the watery bits though. They kinda look alright as they are in the photo below, but in the Nighthaunt book they’ve filled those bits with sinking mausoleums and tree branches. That might put the board firmly in the Realm of Death though, and would make them pretty hard to store.


I repainted the three Wildwoods I’d done for my Sylvaneth, snapping off all the leaves and covering up the horrible green and yellows that I’d used for the bases with much nicer and more neutral greys and browns, and gave some of the craters the same treatment.


My main goal with the buildings and ruins was to come up with some paint jobs that could be used on either set of Shattered Dominion boards (or any, for that matter) and was as easy to reproduce as possible. Mech Standard Grey and Zandri Dust basecoats for each respective set, Agraxed and drybrushed up through their usual highlights, with gold, silver, and bronze details and Nihilak accents.


Added to the rest of our scenery collection, that gives us a full 4′ x 4′ table’s worth of terrain. That might be enough for any sane man, but we’ve still got plenty of extra bits lined up. I want to get a bunch of the Azyrite Ruins so that we can do urban tables for Skirmish, and I’d love to do a Sigmarite Masoleum for some Nighthaunt themed scenery.


Next on the cards are some Nighthaunt heroes, and then I might do the next three of the brown Shattered Dominion boards. It’s nice to be able to switch back and forth between models and scenery – helps cleanse the palate (or perhaps in this case, the palette!).

Til next time!


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