Straight to the point(s).

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been reading the new Ork Codex, and re-calculating the points of my various Clans. It’s not the most photogenic of activities, so here’s a pumpkin that I carved for Halloween this year instead.

Ork pumpkin.jpg

On a more serious note, I’d like to apologise to Games Workshop on behalf of the Ork Kommunitee for all of the whinging, moaning and negativity that went on in Orktober. In addition to the usual Codex/datacards/dice, we also received a dedicated game, six (!) new vehicle kits and a new terrain set – not to mention plenty of interesting and entertaining articles. That’s more than any other 8th edition army since Primaris and Death Guard, and they were technically new armies anyway. Despite this, some people took it as a personal insult because exactly what they wanted didn’t materialise. Yes, it sucks that we lost some units (but you can still use the Index for those), and it would’ve been nice to have had our resin stuff converted to plastic too (like weedy old Dregmek Blitzkart). As things stand though, all of the plastics in the Ork range are recent. And by recent, I mean post-4th edition (as in, January 2008 or later). That’s much better than Sisters of Battle, and some of the 20 (or more) year old sculpts that Eldar and Chaos players have to deal with.

Plus, it’s a game. About space war. With aliens and daemons and psychic powers. Games Workshop aren’t going to personally come round to your house and burn your old models – so use your imagination! Your biker characters can become Deffkillas or Nob Bikers, your Big Guns can become Mek Guns, and your old Warbuggies and Looted Wagons can still slot in somewhere with a little bit of thought (my Skullhamma is now a Forge World Kill Tank, for example). You can still convert your own plastic characters if you so wish (possibly using the excellent Age of Sigmar kits); Tankbustas and Kommandos are easy enough to produce with a bit of kitbashing; and you can still get the plastic Assault on Black Reach Deffkoptas on eBay or from Revell. As the old saying goes: ‘When life gives you lemons; BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD!’.

Apologies for that. My rant’s over now. I promise. If anybody reading this is still upset by things, then I’d advise you to contact GW via an official channel to give them your feedback, rather than just screaming into the void. Who knows, if enough people contact them about certain things, they might even act on them.

Anyway, back to my point(s). As of the 8th edition Codex, my (rough) Clan totals are as follows:
Deathskulls = 8k (down from 8.5k)
Bad Moons = 6k (down from 6.5k)
Evil Sunz = 3k (down from 3.5k)
Goffs = 1k (minimal changes)
Blood Axes = 1.5k (minimal changes)

Overall, a loss of about 1.5k points, spread pretty evenly across my three main Clans. While I don’t have quite as much any more (in terms of points), it means that I can squeeze more models into my games, which is a definite bonus. I’ll also be getting one of each of the new vehicles eventually too, which should add roughly 500 points back to my Evil Sunz. I just need to clear my Death Guard, Ironjawz and Moonclan backlogs first…

10 thoughts on “Straight to the point(s).

  1. I’ve still got my kitbashed Kommandos I’ve built months ago, I’ll still play them in my Bad Moons army. It’s sad to hear that some of the units haven’t got updated rules anymore, however, as long as GW produce the index’s on said units, I think it’s not all bad news.

    Heck, AoS had a similar situation during its first year with units taken off sale, and both factions of Tomb Kings and Bretonians. However, three years later they still have rules for games of AoS, so GW has at least kept those factions going in some way.

    I think the reason why the kommunitie (community) is upset by Orktober could be due to hype, and sadly many people raised their expectations too high.

    On the bright side, since there’s going to be custom rules for looted wagons, there will be plenty of opportunities to kitbash tanks again!

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      1. I know the feeling, I doubt I’ll ever get my Skaven done with so much other projects going on atm. How many looted wagons are you planning to add to your Blood Axes?

        By the way, did you see that teaser vid by Warhammer Community on the Moonclan Goblins?

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      2. I’ve already got some bits set aside to convert a Grot Mega Tank and four Grot Tanks, but I was initially planning on three Looted Wagons for my Blood Axes. Probably Leman Russ with Battlewagon turrets – as seems to be the go-to build.

        I saw the Moonclan teaser too, and I’m looking forward to them. I’ve got a handful of Death Guard left to paint (which I’ll be starting on this weekend), and then I can get back to my Ardboyz and Grots. So many Grots…

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  2. I suppose I can see their point, feeling upset that their armies maybe had their favourite parts taken away or changed or reduced. I don’t play the games myself (God, I’d love to but…reasons) but if a person has spent ages sorting an army out, building and painting and spending lots of money, only to loose some of its use…well…I can see why.

    If it’s a case of just rearranging things, with no physical loss, then the need to man up and stop crying.

    It’s Friday today so fish for tea tonight. Horrah!!!

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    1. I concur, and I have some models that I spent a lot of time and money on that aren’t usable EXACTLY as they were before. In my view though, there isn’t really anything that can’t be solved with some ‘counts as’ or shuffling about.

      Some of what I read amounted to ‘GW hates Ork players’ or ‘my army is completely unusable’ – which feels a bit over the top.


  3. Wow, that’s a hell of a lot of orks you have there. Very propa indeed! Just finished tallying up mine and it’s a measly 2k after over a decade of collecting – I’m going to have to break out the green paint in a big way over the coming months I feel.

    Regarding your point about complaining from the Ork “Community”, although I agree with pretty much every single thing you say, I don’t think there’s any need to be issuing apologies. I know I wasn’t complaining online, I presume you weren’t either and pretty much all the Ork fans I’ve spoken to have been delighted. It would have been nice to get a new model for Ghaz but it would equally have been nice if some GW staff had brought a selection of miniatures round to my house and handed them over for free and I wasn’t really expecting that to happen either.
    And no, I’m not trying to turn this into #NotAllOrks 😉 I just find that there are some places online where people gather to express constant outrage and bile and I’ve always wondered what they get out of it. Whatever the release is there will be plenty of people pouring hours of their lives into hammering hate into their keyboards because GW has released the wrong things/not enough/too much. I did see a few people saying things like “This moaning has put me off all Ork players” and that seemed weird to me because I’ve never thought that about Eldar players, or Space Marine players, or whoever’s turn it is to have a moan this time. I just assumed that a small minority were being silly cry-babies and the rest were enjoying their new toys like sensible adults. My advice – leave the haters to their hating, life is too damn short 🙂

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