Double Ard!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been finishing off last week’s Ardboyz. It’s not a huge update, but progress is progress.


Now that I’m getting back into the swing of things with my Age of Sigmar stuff, I’m hoping that I can keep up my momentum and make a big dent in my backlog over the Christmas/New Year period. I’ve got 20 Ardboyz and 60 Moonclan Grots undercoated and ready to paint, so my current plan is to try to power through the infantry over the festive season so that I can start working on some bigger models for my Ironjawz and Moonclan.

In particular, I’ve got 6 Gore-gruntas that I’ve been itching to build since I saw Phil Kelly’s unit in the flesh (plastic) last month. They’re fantastic models, and from what I’ve heard they hit pretty hard in the game. It’ll be nice to add a bit of speed to my otherwise very slow footslogging Ironjawz army. I’m looking forward to painting them too, as I reckon the mounts themselves will look great after a bit of drybrushing.

It’s less than optimal, but I’m planning to build half with Pig-iron Choppas and the other half with Jagged Gore-hackas. The one-handed weapons seem better to me in game, as a better chance to hit far outweighs the extra range in my mind. As with my Brutes however, I’m going more for the rule of cool (as I want plenty of variety in my units). Plus, jousting Gore-gruntas totally seems like something that Orruks would do to pass their time in between scraps! Such noble steeds.

To get back to my plan, I’m going to try alternating between my Ardboyz and my Moonclan Grots – so hopefully I’ll have some of Ognob’s Brotherhood to show off next week…

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