Da purple arrerz!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting the first of my (rank and file) Moonclan Grots.

Moonclan Archers

I absolutely loved painting these little guys! Being monopose meant that it made sense to paint them in batches of duplicate models – so I painted these guys in a batch of five and a batch of six. The two poses (and the remaining third archer pose) are very similar, so it made things even easier.

In game terms, they add some much needed ranged firepower to my Destruction forces. It’s not a huge range (16″), and they’re not very reliable (hitting and wounding on a 5+), but as a lifelong greenskin player it’s something that I’m used to! The unit will contain twenty models at full strength, so rolling a handful of dice should net some decent volleys every now and again.

Their standard bearer will carry a Bad Moon Icon, which lets them add 1 to save rolls in the shooting phase. If I can squeeze them into cover too (which should be possible, given their diminutive stature) then they’ll be rocking a 4+ save at range!

I was going to alternate painting my Ardboyz and my Moonclan, but I enjoyed painting these so much that I think I’m going to finish off the rest of the unit first…

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