…and a Gloomspite New Year!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been finishing off the command group for my unit of archers.

Moonclan Archers Command.jpg

These little dudes were a lot of fun to paint, and are really characterful models. I also tried out some Astrongranite on their bases; after I started running low on Lustrian Undergrowth and realised that it was discontinued long ago! I was a similar texture, came in a bigger pot and went on smoother, so it’s a win in my book.

After Ross’ very impressive hobby roundup, I thought it only fitting that I should do something similar. As a result, I gathered together all of my painted Gloomspite Gitz for an army shot to start 2019 off with. I present to you: The Brotherhood of Ognob!

Brotherhood 2018.jpg

With the addition of Zarbag’s Gitz (who are currently sneaking around the Aaronorium), I’ve got just over 1,000 points of Gloomspite Gitz painted to date. Not too shabby, and I’ll be adding (a lot) to them over the coming months. I’ve not forgotten about my Ironjawz though. Including my few Greenskinz characters, they also come to just over 1,000 points. I’ll definitely be finishing off the rest of them in between all of my Gobbos and Squigs.

I’ve painted over a hundred models in total this year, which I’m rather pleased with. That figure includes: 24 Death Guard, 65 Destruction (including 2 Shadespire warbands and 2 big Forge World Squigs), 10 metal second edition Goffs (plus 3 objective markers), 7 pieces of Boneyard terrain, 2 looted Realmgates and some MicroArt bases (our 40k objective markers).

This year, my goal is to finish off all of my currently built, boxed and soon to be purchased Destruction models (about 1,000 points of Ironjawz and 2,000 points of Gloomspite Gitz!); make a start on my Blood Axe army (with plenty of Grot Tanks); and clear some of my 40k Ork backlog (Bad Moons, Evil Sunz, Deathskulls and Goffs). It’s going to be a very green year…

6 thoughts on “…and a Gloomspite New Year!

    1. Cheers! I started with an undercoat of Army Painter’s Alien Purple (but Citadel’s Xereus Purple is a very close match), then an Agrax Earthshade wash, and then a Genestealer Purple highlight/drybrush (depending on what you prefer).


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