2019 Hobby Goals

So what do I actually want to paint and play in 2019? This year my painting will hopefully be more focussed on (and driven by) what I’m actually going to be playing, because I enjoy gaming a lot more than I do painting. I’m hoping that’ll mean more time gaming and less time painting stuff I don’t use, but I’ll have more to say about that next week.

  1. Necromunda. Always and forever, Necromunda. Me and a buddy have started up a two-player Dominion campaign, and hopefully we’ll be able to rope in a few of the other players in the area over the course of the year. I’m also hopeful that we can get a weekender organised for it now that all six core gangs are in the mix.
  2. It’d be great to play a proper AoS narrative campaign, this time with my Nighthaunt. That’ll take a bit more effort to organise, with the scenery requirements and so on, but the four of us are in the process of getting a weekend organised where we should hopefully get some solid gaming in. I’ve already started work on some of the heroes, and I should be well on the way to 1000 points by February.
  3. More Nightvault would be great. It’s so quick and easy that it’s almost criminal to not just throw it out on the table at the end of the night. It’s kind of dried up amongst the people I play with, but hopefully some of the new warbands will show up pretty early in the new year and that’ll spark some renewed interest. My Steelheart’s Champions conversions got a lot of love, so I might have a hand at hacking up some of the other warbands.
  4. Some more Blackstone Fortress – it surprised me how good it is, and I’d love to play it through to the end. I never did finish Silver Tower because it had some weird difficulty spikes and the party was too frequently ambushed which really dragged out some games, but so far I haven’t seen that in BSF. The models are amazing too, so I’d love an excuse to paint them.
  5. I’d love to get a go at Adeptus Titanicus. I don’t think I’ll ever get any of the models myself, but we might get some of our friends that do play over for a weekend and do some battle reports and guest blog posts.
  6. And speaking of battle reports, that’s something I want to have a go at this year. I recently got hold of a bunch of new lights that allow me to photograph much larger areas, so I want to put them to good use. I love reading battle reports, but a lot of the time you can never tell what’s going on in the photos, so my lofty ambition is to do some battle reports with photography more akin to what you’d see in the official publications. It’s quite a challenge, I’m aware, and it’ll take bit of practice but I’m keen to give it a go. Here’s a little trial set up I did, replicating one of the photos from the Shadespire rulebook.

IMG_1162 copy

Wish me luck!


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