For the Herd!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting (resin) Cave Squigs and Squig Herders.

Squig Herd (resin).jpg

These guys were technically practice for all of the new models that should be arriving this weekend. Once again, they were a lot of fun to paint. The Squigs were especially quick and easy – seeing as though they’re just teef, claws and beady eyes. They did manage to knock over my pot of Agrax Earthshade though. Tricksy little Squigs! Mark suggested rubbing their noses in it to teach them a lesson, but then I’d have to re-paint their noses.

Given that the new kit and rules are now 1 Herder per 5 Squigs, I need to flesh out the Squig side of things a bit. Luckily, I ordered some more (resin) Squigs to improve my Squig to Herder ratio before they got replaced – so I’ll have plenty more Squigs to paint for a while yet.

Next up on my painting agenda though, are my (resin) Squig Hoppers. Hopefully I can get them painted quickly too, lest I get distracted by all of the shiny new models…

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