Nighthaunt Heroes

I mean… they might once have been heroes. They don’t seem like the heroic types any more.

I still can’t decide if I like the floating spirits, so I’ve left them detached for the moment. I had great fun painting this guy though. I was able to take the lessons learned from the Thorns of the Briar Queen and apply them on a larger scale. I love how the colour palette came together (I really should plan things better), and it’s made me confident about tackling the bigger guys like the mounted Knight of Shrouds.


This guy is a bit of a weird one. I love the model, and I think the paint job turned out pretty well, but he felt a bit… boring the whole time I was working on him. Maybe it’s because he looks a bit too much like a bedsheet with a mask on! Still, he’ll do the job as a background support hero.

I’m setting myself a new hobby rule in 2019.

Paint what you play, not the other way around.

I have so much stuff that I’ve spent hours upon hours painting, only to photograph it and then put it away in a box and never use it. That’s not a complaint, just an unfortunate reality of living in the middle of nowhere and only having a very small circle of friends to game with. Games fall in and out of favour and there aren’t enough people to play all of them regularly.

Here’s how my Nighthaunt are currently stored! Please forgive me.


It might me take dozens of hours to paint an army to a standard I’m happy with, not to mention all the scenery required, and I’d be lucky if I played one game a year with it. I currently have three armies (T’au, Sylvaneth and Nighthaunt) that I’ve not played a single game with. I spent 80 hours on a Stormsurge two years ago and I put it in a display case and haven’t touched it since. (I might dig him out and photograph him). And the thing is, I’m not even that into big games any more. I much more enjoy the concept and the execution of GWs boxed games of late, and the narrative of skirmish games is much richer. Necromunda, Nightvault, Blackstone Fortress: all excellent games, and you only need a handful of models and a small area to play.

I’ve been stuck in a rut for so long thinking that all the models and the scenery have to be painted before I can game with them, and that’s just means I rarely play any games.

So that’s my new rule for 2019. I’m only going to invest time into the painting something if I know I’m going to get some mileage out of it. For example, I’ve played a couple of games of Blackstone Fortress with unpainted models (the horror!) and you know what, it was still great fun! But unless it becomes a regular thing I’m not going to spend too much time worrying about painting it. As much as I don’t like playing with unpainted stuff, I also like playing more than I like not playing.

I’m sure there’s a ton of excellent stuff coming out in 2019, and I’m sure I’ll want to paint it all. There’s a little voice in the back of my head telling me to get another Necromunda gang, or Zarbag’s Gitz, or a Sigmarite Mausoleum. Those new Genestealer Cultists, mmm. But chances are I might not ever use any of them. So prudence is the name of the game for 2019. We’ve got an AoS weekender coming up in March, so I’m going to get the remaining Nighthaunt done for that, and as much as I want to get some Bladegheist Revenants and all the rest, I’m not going to rush into buying any new ones until I know I’ll use them.

Hopefully this will lead to a lot more time actually playing the games I want to, and less time hunched over a painting table  like some medieval monk endlessly copying out the Bible!

Here’s to a year of worthwhile painting, and lots of gaming!


17 thoughts on “Nighthaunt Heroes

  1. Yikes. That you could even bring yourself to calling that “storing” your Nighthaunt. I’m very sorry, I’ve talked to the others, we will have to substract one hobby-point from your balance for that. No worries though, it’s only on probation, a nice set of pictures of that 80h-Stormsurge can restitute ’em.

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    1. Thanks, slovak. I know there are plenty of people out there that paint simply for the love of the art, and I greatly admire them for it, but I think I was always a player first and a painter second.


  2. I know at the Nighthaunt are out to torment and horrify the living but do they have to do it by being so beautifully painted then lurking all jumbled up in a box? Good God man, buy yourself a shelf!

    ” …just an unfortunate reality of living in the middle of nowhere and only having a very small circle of friends to game with”
    That sounds a lot like me to be honest, my mates who’re into this kind of thing all live a long way away. Luckily I lean far more towards the painting and modelling side of the hobby than the gaming, so it’s not such an issue. Like you however I also spent a lot of time lately playing Blackstone Fortress with unpainted models, despite having more painted models than I can shake a stick at, and we still had great fun with it. That said, much as I want to encourage you to do what you want with your hobby, and to make sure that what you’re getting out of it is what you’re looking for, I’ll be disappointed if this leads to us seeing fewer models from you – after all you are a damn fine painter. You definitely need to dig out that Stormsurge from whatever unsuitable cardboard receptacle it’s been jammed into and get us some photographs of the poor thing!

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    1. Ha, yeah it’s rather shameful! I’ve been meaning to get myself some of those nifty bell jars that seem to be all the rage these days. My Shadespire and Necro gangs just lurk in their respective game boxes but I’d love a good way to show them off.

      I’m also hoping I won’t end up painting less, just rather that I won’t get distracted by all the random projects that I do want to do but that won’t lead to anything. The focus is AoS first with some Necro on the side, and we’ll see where it goes from there!

      The Stormsurge is actually in a display case at Aaron’s along with the rest of my T’au, so he’s not completely neglected! I might do a showcase of them, give them some attention.

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  3. That storage looks like my current undead solution! In fairness, it’s all getting transferred over to nice boxes as time goes on.

    Fair call on the painting too. I very rarely paint for painting sake, always preferring to work towards a goal – which is usually a game that I’ve organised and set up to run. And as I’m the driver behind the game, I can plan what scenery and models need doing 🙂

    Usujng unpainted is fine really, never had a problem with it. Thing is – now that games are super rare, 3/4 times a year events – I push to get them to be the best they can, on the full table with full painted armies 😉

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    1. Maybe that’s all I need, just some nicer boxes!

      We also push to get our stuff painted as good as it can be, but I think in the past we’ve spread ourselves too thin and flip-flopped back and forth between so many different games that we’ve never been able to get any one up to a satisfactory condition. Hopefully with a bit more focus this year we can pull off more impressive games.


      1. There’s probably a “share your storage shame” thread here haha. Maybe I’ll post mine up!

        Really Usefull Boxes are what I use now. Swear by ‘em. And not in a “these things are bloody useless” way either 😉

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