Guardian of Souls and Endless Spells


With these latest few models I’m drifting slowly towards a painted 1000pts for our weekender in the middle of March. I actually painted the Guardian a couple of weeks ago but I didn’t think he was exciting enough to devote a whole post to, so I did up a couple of spells to go with him.


Some notes on this guy: I’m not super pleased with how he turned out. I mean, he looks fine from the front, and he blends in well enough with the rest of the army, so I guess he’s ok, but there’s enough wrong with him that I make a face when I look at him. It’s the first time that I tried the blending thing on the robe and it turned out alright, but the lighter-blue area is way too wide. Also, for some stupid reason I used completely the wrong blues (the Lizardmen ones, rather than the Dark Eldar ones), so he doesn’t quite match the rest of the heroes. But whatever, everyone’s got models that didn’t turn out the way they want. I’m not the type of painter that will go back and try to fix a model once it’s done. I’ll just try and learn some lessons for the next one.


A couple of posts ago I boldly declared that if you’re painting scenery with anything smaller than a No. 3 paintbrush you’re doing it wrong, and as the endless spells are basically just little scenery pieces I decided to hold myself to that statement. I blitzed through the Gravetide in a couple of hours (including drying times) and while it’s pretty rough I’m much happier with how it turned out than the Guardian. Probably because I used the right colours!


I don’t think I’ll have quite enough points to squeeze in the Shackles, but they were so easy to do that I just worked on them in between stages of the Gravetide. I was tempted to try and make some custom Shackles to match the Briar Queen’s briars, but I couldn’t find a good source of tiny roses and there’s no way that I was going to sculpt them!

Painting scenery is always a nice palate (or should that be palette?) cleanser after doing a fiddly model. I’ve got ten more guys to do from the Soul Wars box, but I’ve also got two Realm of Battle tiles to work on as well, so I might try to stagger them to keep it interesting.

Till next time!


14 thoughts on “Guardian of Souls and Endless Spells

  1. Smashing work, your Nighthaunt models look fantastic so far!

    Curious question, what happened to the doc (I think that’s what you guys call him?), last time I saw his post was his Stormcast Eternals Collection several months ago.


    1. Cheers, dude.

      Ha, yes Mark’s still around. He’s been busily working away at his Skaven, keeping everything secret and not telling us what he’s up to (very in character!) so he can spring them on us at our meet up in March.

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      1. Skaven you say? Keep in an eye on him……….. it’s like James Herbert’s ‘The Rats’ trilogy all over again…….

        Luckily enough the Skaven are getting a new Battletome, so I can imagine Mark will be brewing something extra when the horde is finally unleashed.

        Have you planned your counter force against the Rat-kin?

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      2. Well I think he’s a Clan Skryre man, I mean rat, so it’s probably going to be a lot of guns and hopefully not too many big hordes of rats. I’m hoping that I can kill one or two and the rest of them will run away! Turn their own low Bravery against them!

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      3. I’d be careful, depending on what set points everyone has, the rat-man could sneak in a block or two of Clanrats, as they can be battleline for any clan. Also since the new Battletome had some previews (on Warhammer community) about horde units, they can pack a punch despite being weak.

        If I remember rightly, an Arch Warlock can deal some insane damage with his Warpstorm spell. I managed to cause quite an annoyance to my Sylvaneth opponent with the spell. Useful for slowing your opponent for defending objective based battleplans.

        I can’t say what it’s like facing more of the shootier units of Clan Skryre, but I can imagine it won’t be a walk in the park with those Warp lightning cannons.

        Have two Nagash’s to be on the safe side (it’s cheating I know, but Skaven aren’t hardly known for being fair themselves).

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      4. Ha, two Nagashes should do it alright!

        Thanks for the tips. We’re starting at 1000 points so there shouldn’t be too much mad stuff in any of the armies. I’ll definitely watch out for that Arch Warlock. I’m having to pad out my last 100 points with some more Endless Spells, so maybe I can send one his way!

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  2. You know, you could easily have got away with claiming to have painted the Guardian in a slightly different, brighter colour scheme to denote that fact that he’s a wizard. Definitely one of those models where you see his flaws because you know what you intended, but to the rest of us he looks fine 🙂 As you say though, we all have them.

    Great work on the Gravetide, those skulls look really unearthly.

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    1. That’s a much better reason. Man, I should have gone with that! Yeah I just did the skulls the same way as the ghosty bits on the rest of them and they turned out pretty neat, whether it’s the size of them or the big flat surfaces or what.

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  3. The spell looks great! Like some malevolent skully jellyfish texture – marvellous

    The wizard looks fine too – eye of the beholder there, as you see your own mistakes more than anyone else will. Bit of uniform differences looks good!

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  4. Looking great. The mini is great and the spells too. I really like the idea of a tidal wave of souls or ghost or whatever they are…well upon rereading that I actually don’t like the idea, but it is good in game terms 😁

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