Gong with the wind.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been ill. No, I haven’t gone back to painting Nurgle stuff; I’ve just been ill. I painted my Stabba command groups over Christmas though, which I’ve not posted yet. I’d been saving them for a rainy day (and there’s precipitation coming from the sky where I am), so here they are.


Like their Shoota brethren, these little dudes were a lot of fun to paint, and are just as characterful. With my Loonshrine essentially giving free reinforcements for Shootas and Stabbas, I can see these guys getting plenty of use in future games. They’ll technically be two units of twenty when I get them all finished, but I imagine that they’ll perform rather well (if a tad unwieldy) as a bigger unit of forty.

Hopefully next week I’ll have stopped coughing so that I can hold a brush steady again. Stupid Nurgle…

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