Glaivewraith Stalkers

I painted up these guys this week. Umm…I don’t have a whole lot to say about them!


They’re the five Stalkers from the Soul Wars box, painted up to what I’d call tabletop standard for me. It was a pretty quick paint job over a few evenings. I skipped some highlights, and the glaives could be better – I think they came out too orange, and I wasn’t very careful with the scratches so they don’t look as good as on the Chainghasts.

I actually like how these guys turned out a lot better than the lamp guy, and I was kind of dreading painting them but they were actually pretty good fun to paint. I didn’t like the models when I saw them in the Battletome et al. but they’re nice models irl.

They’re a bit of an odd unit, as you get five of them in Soul Wars but the unit is taken in multiples of four for matched play. I’ll have to see how they perform in the game before I decide if I’ll get some more, but their rules seem pretty neat.

I’m nearly at the end of the Soul Wars box now. I’m almost finished the Grimghast Reapers as I type this, and then it’s just the Knight of Shrouds, which I’m really looking forward to painting.


I tried out some new lighting for this batch of photos (more over on the Instagram), but I still got lazy and shot the photos with my phone, hence the seriously shallow depth of field above. Might have to set up the DSLR for the next batch. Anyhoo…

Till next time!


6 thoughts on “Glaivewraith Stalkers

  1. Always really liked the look of these, they’re my kind of weird! Great work on them, you may think they’re just a “tabletop standard” but you’ve done a damn good job on them nonetheless.

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    1. Thanks, man. To be sure, I’m not using “tabletop standard” pejoratively. They’re as good as they need to be. I figure no one’s ever going to be looking at the PFI too closely, so I can cut a few corners and not feel too bad about it!

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  2. The black has come out very well – quite satin

    Blades do look quite orangey though? Painted is always better than I painted though!

    I do like these models, they have a nice odd hobby horse folkish look about them, rather than the standard GW style

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    1. Thanks, Maurice!

      They are quite a departure from the usual style, aren’t they? Quite different from the rest of the Nighthaunt range certainly.

      I might just throw some Agrax on the blades while I’m doing the Grimghasts, see if I can’t tone them down a bit. I think it’s for the best!


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