Grimghast Reapers

Polishing off these fellas sees the last of the Soul Wars infantry complete. I’ve just got the mounted Knight of Shrouds left to do now, and either Ravenak’s Gnashing Jaws or the Aethervoid Pendulum, and that’s me at 1000pts.


These guys were pretty fun to paint. I sometimes think I have a phobia of batch painting any set of models, and the prospect always fills me with dread. When there’s only four or five of them it’s not too bad though, and now that I’ve kind of worked out how to do these guys in a way that’s both pretty quick and still looks good, it’s not too daunting a task.


They’re great looking models too, which helps a lot. I’m looking forward to getting these guys in a game and seeing what they can do, because I really wouldn’t mind painting some more of them. I imagine they might have a tough time though, seeing as there’s only four of them. I suspect they’ll get rinsed by bows and spells long before they ever get into scythe-swinging range. But if I can keep one of them standing I can hopefully res them with the Guardian or the Torment.

I really want to get a smoke machine to add some more atmosphere to these photos.

I also took a few hours yesterday and painted up two more board tiles. I haven’t taken any proper photos yet, but you can see one of them in the shots above. This means we have two 4’x4′ Realm of Battle boards, so the four of us can be gaming at the same time when we meet up in March. Great success.

I’m not going to rush into painting the Knight of Shrouds straight away because my wrist is killing me and I suspect that painting is to blame, so I’m going to rest up for a week or so. Maybe photograph my T’au in the mean time.


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