The charge of the light Squigade!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting some Boingrot Bounderz.

Bounderz 1.jpg

It’s only three models, but technically it’s three Squigs and three Gobbos, which makes me feel a bit more productive. Including the test model that I painted last month, that’s four down, six to go for my unit. They’ll accompany Sesta (my Loonboss on Great Cave Squig) into battle, and hopefully utilise his Command Ability (increasing their movement by 3″) to good effect. They hit pretty hard on the charge with their Lances, and have the chance of causing some Mortal Wounds to boot. Not too shabby for Gobbos!

I’ve also started work on something secret this week. I’m planning to work on it over the weekend with some Green Stuff, and then hopefully get it painted ready for next week…

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