Just keep Squigging.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting more Boingrot Bounderz. I managed four models this week, so there’s just two left for me to paint now. I’m sure I can manage two models in two weeks.

Bounderz 2.jpg

These were slightly more fiddly than last week’s models due to having more detail on their sculpted ‘flight stands’. So many mushrooms! I know that Gloomspite Gitz are all about the mushrooms, but much like the fly Blightlord, having a big fancy base isn’t so special if 20% of your unit has it! The more dynamic/leaping poses make the few Bounderz that are low to the ground look a bit out of place too. I suppose that I could have chopped them up and converted them to just be leaping off the ground, but I was too lazy to do that when I built them – so I’ll just moan instead. :p

As far as my secret work is concerned, I managed to get everything built and Green Stuffed, but my Liquid Green Stuff had dried up so I still need to smooth things out a bit. The weather’s been awful this past week too, so I wouldn’t have had a chance to undercoat it anyway. It’ll be really easy to paint though, so at least that shouldn’t be an issue.

I hope it turns out as well as I’d hoped, and that I can finally post it next week. I’d hate for it to turn out to be a damp Squig…

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