The rise of the Moonclan!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been finalising my army list and packing for our imminent gaming weekend. Before I go, I decided to get an army shot of the 1,000 point list that I’ll be taking with me.

Gloomspite 1k.jpg

My list is as follows:
Sesta (Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig)
Barooga (Madcap Shaman)
20 Shootas
12 Squig Herd
5 Squig Hoppers
5 Sporesplatta Fanatics
10 Boingrot Bounderz
Squignado! (Malevolent Moon)
Mork’s Mighty Mushroom

I feel that it’s a fairly small army in terms of model count, but I should still outnumber the other guys by a significant amount. For Sesta (my General), I picked a passive Command Trait (Tough ‘n’ Leathery) and Artefact of Power (The Clammy Cowl). It’s my first time with Gloomspite Gitz, so I’ve got enough to remember without any extra special abilities. They should be a decent combo however, granting +2 Wounds and -1 to hit roll respectively. This Grot’s made of tougher stuff!

For Barooga (my Wizard), I picked the Squig Lure spell, as I’ve got several (not so) friendly Squig units that can benefit from it. With their lack of ranged weapons, my Squigs will be advancing nearly every turn to close with the enemy as quickly as possible. Although, my first priority will be casting my Endless Spells for some Mortal Wound hijinx.

I’ll be taking notes (and pictures), so hopefully I’ll have a few battle reports to share over the coming weeks. It’ll allow me to take a well-earned break from painting too. Well, at least a break from painting Gobbos and Squigs…

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