Ironjawz vs Nighthaunt (250 renown Skirmish)

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been typing up a Skirmish battle report from our recent gaming weekend.

After our big game, Ross and I dialled things down a bit with a Skirmish game. We played a matched play game with warbands of 250 renown each, as per the newest rules in January’s White Dwarf. After our previous game of kill ’em all, we decided to use some objectives this time, so opted for the Hold The Centre battleplan

Stikko (Warchanter)
3 Brutes (including Brute Boss)
3 Ardboyz (including Ardboy Boss)

Lord Executioner
Briar Queen/Thorns of the Briar Queen
Bladegheist Revenant

IJ vs NH (4).jpg
Diagonal objectives deserve a diagonal picture.

For this game we had three objectives represented by a Realmgate and a pair of columns from the Arcane Ruins kit. The Nighthaunt went first, with everyone advancing towards the objectives. Stikko used his Frenzy of Violence ability (+1 to hit) on the Ardboy Boss before the Ironjawz responded similarly – albeit much slower. [I only managed to get one of my run rolls higher than a 2!]

The Ironjawz continued their advance, and attempted several charges. The Ardboy Boss charged into the hanging Thorn and another Ardboy charged into the Bladegheist. Two of the Brutes and an Ardboy failed their charges however, despite one of the Brutes being urged Forward to Victory by Stikko. The Ardboy Boss cut down the hanging Thorn but the Bladegheist wounded the other Ardboy in return.

IJ vs NH (6).jpg
First ‘blood’ (ectoplasm?) to the Ironjawz!

The Briar Queen cast a deadly Howling Vortex at the centre of the Orruk formation – killing the wounded Ardboy and wounding an Ardboy, a Brute and the Warchanter! [I should’ve brought Dim instead…] She then finished the Ardboy off with her Rending Scream. The Lord Executioner then charged in and finished off the wounded Brute. [Ross rolled a 6 to wound, adding 2 damage to his only successful attack!] A trio of Thorns and the Bladegheist also charged the Ardboy Boss, who cut down the Bladegheist and Varclav before being wounded himself. The Ironjawz wouldn’t be routed so easily though, and passed their Battleshock test.

IJ vs NH (7).jpg
So many Mortal Wounds…

The Briar Queen failed to cast another Howling Vortex, but followed up by unleashing her Rending Scream at the Warchanter – wounding him twice. The Lord Executioner charged the Ardboy Boss and killed him good and proper with a pair of Beheading Strikes – causing six wounds where one would have done the job! Determined to claim the Realmgate for the greenskins, Stikko climbed its steps and urged the Brute Boss Forward to Victory as he scrambled up the nearby rocks with the other Brute to charge the Briar Queen and her Thorns. The Brute defeated the Thorn, but in an epic display of incompetence the Brute Boss missed with all of his attacks and was killed by the Briar Queen’s one Briar Whip attack (dealing 3 damage).

IJ vs NH (9).jpg
Getting high.

The Briar Queen wounded the remaining Brute with her Rending Scream while the Lord Executioner charged into the Warchanter. The Warchanter survived its attacks though, and actually managed to wound the ethereal creature in return. The Brute wounded the Briar Queen too, but his success was short-lived as she replied by killing him the same way that she’d kill his boss. Stikko attacked the Lord Executioner again, but another Beheading Strike put an end to that, sealing a major victory for the Nighthaunt.

That game felt much closer than the ending suggested. I reckon with some better run/charge rolls for me (or some worse rolls for Ross’ Lord Executioner), things could have gone differently. Stikko’s higher Bravery (7, compared to Dim’s 6) stopped me from losing a few models too, which isn’t to be sniffed at.

I enjoyed using my Ironjawz again though, and love the models and how resilient they are. They’re just sooo slow! I definitely need to get some Gore-gruntas painted up so that I can take the fight to the enemy…

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