Knight of Shrouds

Apologies for the lack of content for a while. I got this fella finished up a few weeks ago, but I only got a chance to photograph him last night. He got his first outing in battle against Colin’s Gitz where he was ignominiously ganked by a horde of goblin archers, so he currently sits on the shelf of shame. (The shelf of shame is the same as the regular shelf; the shame is inferred.)


I had left this guy until last because I’m intimidated by painting any model bigger than infantry, but after I’d painted the Lord Executioner I was confident that I could do a good job on him and I was pretty sure what colours I’d use, so I was actually looking forward to painting this one.


I made sure to write down the recipe for the horse flesh as if I ever increase this army to 2000 points I’ll probably get a Black Coach, so I want to make sure I can replicate it. If you’re interested, it’s as follows:

  1. Incubi Darkness basecoat
  2. 50/50 Coelia Greenshade/Lahmian Medium shade all over
  3. Watered down 50/50 Abaddon Black/Lahmian Medium recess shade
  4. 50/50 Sotek Green/Lahmian Medium feathered onto edges and raised areas
  5. Temple Guard Blue highlight
  6. Baharroth Blue dot highlight
  7. Ulthuan Grey dot highlight on very sharpest points



When I get a chance I’ll take some photos of the whole army as it stands at 1000 points. I’m also tempted to have a go at doing a video of some of my guys, similar to how GW do their release trailers. They look like a lot of fun to do.


Our next event is an AoS Skirmish weekend in mid-July, so I’ve got a bunch more terrain and boards to do for that in the mean time. I’m also thinking about swapping over to Stormcast for the Skirmish as I’ve not had a chance to use my converted Steelheart’s Champions in Nightvault yet, so it’ll give them a chance to get some table time. I believe they’re only 80 points, so I can convert up a Stormcast hero to lead them and maybe squeeze in one or two minions as well. We’ll see how it goes.

Till next time!


14 thoughts on “Knight of Shrouds

  1. Well, he may be on the shelf of shame but at least he’s on a shelf now and not stuck in a box, right? 😉

    Seriously, very nice work there. Really liked what you did with the Stormcasts as well (not something I find myself saying often enough) so I’m curious to see what else you might end up doing with them, especially as part of me wonders about tackling a few Stormcasts myself to battle my Khornate skirmish band.


    1. Ha, ain’t that the truth. The work-in-progress box is empty once again and ready for some poor new minis.

      Yeah, I’m not sure I’ll ever stretch to a full Stormcast army, but they’re great for Skirmish cause you can get away with only four or five of them.


  2. hey i love this scheme and i am working on my own horses in the nighthaunt range. Can I ask what the skeleton recipe was? I would love to replicate that!

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    1. Thanks, David! The recipe for the skeleton is a basecoat of Ionrach Skin, a 50/50 wash of Lahmian Medium and Nihilak Oxide, a highlight of Ionrach Skin, and then a final highlight of Deepkin Flesh. I have a full step by step Nighthaunt painting guide that might be of interest, if you scroll back through my posts.


    1. Thanks, Mark!

      It’s been quite some time since I did this so I’m not sure how I did the horns, but looking at the pictures I suspect it was something like Dryad Bark, a Nuln Oil shade, and highlight with Dryad Bark and then progressively more Ushabti Bone mixed in over a few layers, with a dot of pure Ushabti on the very sharpest corners.


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