Da Oddities.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been getting back into painting. It’s been a few weeks since I last picked up a paintbrush, so it was nice to get back into it. As a (very slight) change of pace, I switched from painting small, green Gobbos to painting small, green Orks.

Goff Oddboyz.jpg

As with the rest of my retro Goff Kill Team, these guys are awesome little models, and were fun to paint. I roughly copied the published colour schemes for them from the old ‘Ere We Go! sourcebook, where they appeared in Andy Chambers’ sample Goff Ork Warband. I even converted the Runtherd to be grabbing a wayward runt like the reference picture (using what I believe is an old Heroquest snotling). In game terms, I could count the Mekboy as a Spanner from a mob of Lootas/Burnas, or possibly a Shoota Boy. I’ll probably just count the other two as regular Boyz, albeit with a lot of character. It’ll make them easier to tell apart in game too, as picking out a Painboy or a Tinboy is much simpler than remembering which Ork Boy is which if there’s several of them.

Those of you who remember the first batch of my retro Goff Kill Team may have noticed that these three have different bases. We recently decided to re-paint our red ‘Mars’ Realm of Battle boards as a mixture of the current AoS boards and some new, desert boards. The desert boards should be suitable for both AoS and 40k, and I feel that the new, lighter base colour isn’t as overpowering as the old red one was. At some point down the line (probably when I’ve got some time off in the Summer), I’ll re-base ALL of my 40k Orks. They’re current a mix of Vomit Brown with sand (my Deathskulls), Steel Legion Drab with sand (my Bad Moons and Evil Sunz) or Martian Iron (my Goffs).

For those of you that are interested, I used the colour scheme from this video, which is as follows:
PVA glue
Sand [I used my girlfriend’s Woodland Scenics Fine Buff Ballast]
Zandri Dust
Screaming Skull [all over drybrush]
Pallid Wych Flesh [lighter drybrush]

Next week, I’m hoping to get back to finishing off my Gobbos and Squigs. After all, I’ve only got about fifty Battleline models left to get through now…

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