Gloomspite Gitz vs Idoneth Deepkin (250 renown Skirmish)

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been typing up another Skirmish battle report from our recent gaming weekend.

After my big game with Ross, Aaron wanted in on the action, and challenged my Gloomspite Gitz to a Skirmish game. We played a matched play game with warbands of 250 renown each, as per the newest rules in January’s White Dwarf. To keep things fairly simple, we opted for the A Time For Heroes battleplan.

Barooga (Madcap Shaman)
9 Shootas (including Bad Moon Icon)
5 Squig Herd
3 Squig Hoppers

Isharann Tidecaster
10 Namarti Reavers

The game started with the Squigs running/hopping forwards to meet the Idoneth head on. The Namarti advanced to meet them, cutting down all five Squigs at short range using their Storm Fire attack. The Moonclan archers were clearly intimidated by the accuracy of their Aelven equivalents, and two of them fled.

GG vs ID (3)
Time for a quick game of ‘spot the Squig Hoppers’!

The Tidecaster hurled an Arcane Bolt towards Barooga, wounding the Shaman despite him hiding behind a tree. The Reavers turned their attention to the Gobbos hiding in the woods too. Half of them took aim at the Shootas, but only managed to fell one due to the distance and the cover afforded by the thick trunks. The other half however, successfully cut down their leader – causing three of their number to flee.

Whilst they were whittling down their enemies in the woods, the three Squig Hoppers bounced out of hiding and into the midst of the Reavers, killing two of them with their reckless landings. [Aaron genuinely forget about them, due to them being out of sight after they bounced up onto the top of some cork bark rocks!] Spurred on by the return of the Squigs, the Shootas shot down a confused Reaver before the Hoppers bounced right back in. The Reavers fared no better in close combat, losing three more of their number with a fourth fleeing.

GG vs ID (4)
Blurry picture is blurry – I blame the Squig Hoppers for not sitting still.

The carnage continued in the next round as the Hoppers bounced two more Namarti to death before slamming into the last of them. With the Tidecaster being the sole survivor, she turned tail and fled too.

That was a fun game, and I think we both had some powerful units. Aaron’s Reavers massacred my Squigs with their three short-ranged attacks, and they’re highly manoeuvrable too. Conversely, my Squig Hoppers wreaked a lot of damage just by bouncing around, and they’re a bit more survivable with two wounds each. I’m sure Aaron’s Tidecaster will have her revenge though…

5 thoughts on “Gloomspite Gitz vs Idoneth Deepkin (250 renown Skirmish)

    1. Cheers! We’ve been having a lot of fun with smaller games. You can take a bit of everything if you want, which is great for letting models that might not get used as often have a bit of a run out.

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