Weird and wonderful.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been building Orks. I also managed to paint the last member of my retro Goff Kill Team – my Weirdboy.

Goff Weirdboy.jpg

This guy’s actually quite bulky compared to the rest of his second edition mates. If he wasn’t squatting down, he’d easily be Space Marine height, if not taller! I don’t remember seeing this model in any second edition publications, and couldn’t find any official pictures for painting reference, so it must have been one of the more obscure Weirdboy variants. He’s got a jester’s outfit on and pigtails (or should that be Squigtails?), which is suitably weird. As is the fact that he’s got another Ork’s head on the end of his marotte, and what appears to be an Aquila on the top of his staff. In Kill Team, I could count him as a Nob (due to his stature), but he’ll probably just end up being a (rather characterful) Slugga Boy.

With the exception of my retro Goffs, I’ve not built or painted any other 40k Orks for over two years! I decided to remedy this over the Bank Holiday weekend by starting to work through my Evil Sunz backlog; partly to free up some space in my office, and partly so that I can start using them in games (along with all of the attendant bad luck that using unpainted models tends to attract). I’ve built myself a Painboy and a Trukk so far, and I’ve got 3 Battlewagons and 18 Warbikers to follow when I get the time. They’re much needed reinforcements for my existing contingent of painted Evil Sunz.

I’ve currently got 3 Warbosses, 3 Deffkoptas, 2 Trukks and 20 Slugga Boyz painted, and another 40 Slugga Boyz built and undercoated. The idea is to fill my Battlewagons with Slugga Boyz, and fill my Trukks with Meganobz and characters. I’ll run the Warbikers as 3 units of 6, so my army will be all about the triple threat! I used to have a pair of Trukks and a Battlewagon in my Deathskull army back in 4th edition, but they were fairly easy to neutralise back then. Hopefully having 3 of each should ensure that at least some of them make it to the enemy lines. Especially as red ones really do go faster now!

Next week, I really need to get back to my Stabbas, as I’ll be heading back to the Aaronorium in a fortnight…

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