Orlocks Part 5: Reinforcements

Just a quick post this week to show off the latest addition to my Orlocks. I’m sure most of you will recognise the inspiration!


Despite the shameless homage to the galaxy’s most legendary outlaw, I used the same colour recipes as the rest of my Orlocks, so he ties in pretty seamlessly with the rest of my gang. In fact I was originally planning to base my whole gang’s colour scheme on the Ravagers, before does_a_bear_paint_in_the_woods on Instagram convinced me that the original Orlock colour scheme would work on the new models.


I picked up the Orlock heads and one of the weapon sets, so this fella is the first of my second batch of gangers. I need to make a third Champion, and I want to convert a couple of my existing gangers to have different weapons as I’d rather just paint some new arms than do two whole new models.


I had fun playing around with colour gels for these photos. It’s much easier to set up and shoot a one-man diorama than last week’s giant T’au one! The eagle-eyed among you will notice that the ends of the stub guns are out of focus – well, when I was twisting the knobs and pulling the levers in Photoshop I wasn’t paying attention and the focus stacking didn’t work properly and I couldn’t be arsed going back to fix it. My apologies!

I picked up the new Book of Peril today and I’m enjoying a lot of the new scenarios and terrain rules, so I’ll have to get some death world scenery painted up to populate my Underhive. Those Enforcers are pretty neat too, might pick some of them up to use as an Arbitrator gang. I’ve got an Ambot or two to paint before then though.

Till next time!


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