AoS Skirmish Tables

Over the weekend we had some friends over for a day of Skirmish gaming. The latest AoS Skirmish rules recommend a board size of 30″x40″, so I picked up a sheet of 12mm MDF and cut it to size and then textured and painted them up to represent three different biomes. We’ve been thinking about repainting our Realm of Battle boards so these were a good opportunity to test out some colour schemes.


The texture was stippled on with Polyfilla using The Terrain Tutor’s method, found here. It was a piece of cake and looks super good. I painted them using generic artists’ acrylics and threw some tufts on as an accent.

The first board is desert themed. I painted it buff titanium first, and then drybrushed it white with varying pressure. Mordheim Turf tufts finished it off.


The second board is a grey one. Colin has Gloomspite Gitz and Mark has Skaven, so I wanted to do a board that would work as an underground cave. I thought about giving it some green washes or flock to look like moss, but decided to leave it flat grey so that we can use it as a moonscape for Kill Team. It was painted a mix of black and white for a dark grey, then dry brushed with a mix of raw umber and buff titanium for a grey-brown colour, then very lightly dry brushed on white using the brush with the previous colour still on it.


The third board is painted the same as our existing RoB boards and what the majority of our existing terrain collection is. It’s a scheme we all like and is neutral enough to pass off as any realm. It was painted raw umber, then drybrushed with a buff titanium and raw umber mix, and then white, the same as the grey board. Middenland Tufts topped it off.


Next up was terraining the boards. Setting up boards is still one of my favourite things to spend time on, and trying to pack some theme into such small boards is a fun challenge.


I was worried that our existing sandstone terrain would be too dark for the desert board, but it turned out to be a benefit as they stand out well from the lighter board. Unfortunately I didn’t get a chance to play on this board, but I think it looked ace.


The grey board was trickier as it’s such a flat colour, and when we put the grey buildings onto it it really wasn’t looking that interesting. I’d painted up five craters in the same grey scheme to use for the moonscape mentioned previously, but they didn’t make much difference. We threw a few of the rock spires out instead, and in an effort to blend them in I dug out the leaves from the defoliated Sylvaneth Wildwood. As you can see from the photo, it ended up looking like some sort of mountainous jungle, and ended up being my favourite of the three boards. Kinda has a King Kong vibe. My Stormcast saw off Sander’s ghoulish minions in a very bloody Treasure Hunt fought across this board.


The brown board became a haunted woodland. The woods and rock spires had been painted to match this board, and I plonked down the ship to give it a point of interest. Despite my Stormcast lurking in the bottom of this photo, it was my Sylvaneth that stepped out to defend this shadowy grove from Colin’s marauding Squigs.


As luck would have it, the 2019 General’s Handbook’s new rules for Meeting Engagements and close-quarters battleplans both recommend 30-36″ by 40-48″ play areas, which fit on these new boards of mine perfectly. We’ll probably have a Meeting Engagements mini-tournament/narrative event at our next weekender. We do however have quite a backlog of AoS terrain thanks to the new Forbidden Power stuff, so I seized the energy of the weekend to put together a few of the kits.

The Azyrite ruins will be painted to match the grey buildings and the big Sigmarite thingy (Stormvault?) will be painted to match the desert stuff. Everyone at the weekend was a big fan of the desert board, so I’ll be painting half our RoB tiles to that scheme, and the others to match the brown boards. There’s as much of this terrain again still in its boxes which will all be getting the desert treatment, and there are also two Sigmarite Mausoleums that I haven’t decided on a scheme for yet.


And I’ll leave you with one final PoV shot. Some of us played a little bit of a four-way game at the end of the day, and my Sylvaneth were met with the sight of this friendly little beastie having a sniff around the back of their deployment zone. Clever girl.


Till next time!


5 thoughts on “AoS Skirmish Tables

    1. Thanks man. Yeah they were great fun. I’m looking forward to expanding the terrain, especially now there are special rules for the Stormvaults and city fighting.

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  1. Looking tidy, very tidy. Setting the scene for a game is my favourite part of the event as well, in fact I reckon that the point when the table is dressed and the armies deployed, but no dice thrown yet is the high point of the game 🙂

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