The great re-basening (red edition).

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been focusing on my Evil Sunz.

Re-based Evil Sunz.jpg

Re-based: 3 HQ, 18 Boyz, 3 Nobz, 2 Squigs
Not pictured: 3 Deffkoptas, 2 Trukks
Still to paint: 39 Boyz, 2 Oddboyz, 9-15 Meganobz, 18 Warbikers, 2 Speed Freeks Wagons, 3 Battlewagons, Trukk

These guys are the newest of my three main Ork armies. I count the Ghazghkull model as Gorgutz from the Dawn of War games – although he appears to have switched clans in Dawn of War 3…

The idea for this army was to have everything mounted or fast, so the 3 Battlewagons will each transport units of 20 Boyz, and the 3 Trukks will each transport units of 3-5 Meganobz and the HQ/Oddboyz. I’ve not yet decided exactly how many Meganobz I’ll get in total, as I need to see how many I can physically fit in my cases before committing!

Next week, I’ll be sharing my Deathskulls…

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