Who let the Dreads out?

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been focusing on my Bad Moons Dread Mob.

Dread Mob.jpg
Re-based: 12 Killa Kanz, 3 Deff Dreads, Gorkanaut

These guys (plus a couple of Oddboyz) made up the Apocalypse Dread Mob in the previous edition of 40k. To make their bigger bases a bit more interesting, I broke up the empty spaces with some pieces of ripped up cork tile, which I’m quite pleased with.

One of my Dreads has four close combat weapons, in the form of the drill bits from the Killa Kans kit. I love the way it looks, but getting Immobilised in previous editions really ruined its day. Thankfully that’s not the case any more (hooray for 8th edition!), so my Screamer Drilla (or Kanifex, depending on whatever I’m calling it at the time) tends to see a lot more action nowadays. The other two have three close combat weapons and a Skorcha.

With my Killa Kans, half of them have Grotzookas and the other half have Kustom Mega-Blastas. Although it’s not in the kit, players were encouraged to use the compatible bits from the Deff Dread kit in the White Dwarf when they came out; so that’s what I did. Sadly, the unit lost the latter option in their latest Codex (boo to 8th edition!) , so I tend to just count them as fancy-looking Rokkit Launchas now. I know I can still take them from the Index, but the recent ‘Legends’ announcement makes me think that the Indexes aren’t long for this world.

In game terms, I count all of the close combat weapons as the default options – either Dread Klaws/Saws or Kan Klaws. I assembled things back when they were generic close combat weapons, so it’s much less of a faff than checking each individual model’s close combat weapons each time they’re in combat.

Lastly, there’s my Gorkanaut. I’ve done a fair bit of kitbashing in the past, but this is the biggest scrathbuild that I’ve ever done. In the run up to the 7th edition Ork Codex and kits, I set aside some money. When release day finally came, I decided that getting a Stompa for a fraction more than the price a Gorkanaut was the better investment, so I spent my teef on a Stompa Mob instead of buying anything new!

I still wanted a Gorkanaut though, and when someone at my local club was selling some old Epic stuff I hatched a cunning plan that even Mork would be proud of. I managed to get three old Epic Mega-Gargants (badly painted and in bits) for a tenner, and then a friend very kindly donated a fourth to me! The bodies of these Mega-Gargants formed the body of my Gorkanaut in a two-by-two formation; two right-way-up facing forwards and two upside-down facing backwards. Some of their legs became its legs, and some of their arms became its arms. I used a Stompa’s gatler filled with big shootas for its ranged weapon, and some Battlewagon grabba klaws as its close combat weapon.

After getting the basics down, I raided my bits box and threw on whatever looked cool in an attempt to make it look Orky enough. The faceplate and troop compartment door are from the flyer kit, the power plant on its back is part of a Stompa’s close combat weapon, lots of the armour plates are from Battlewagons, Deff Dreads and Killa Kans, the glyphs are from everywhere and the cog on its head is from a spirograph! Finally, I stuck it on a flying base to finish it off, only to realise that it isn’t the same size as the base in the official kit.

The rule of cool prevailed though, and my local club is fine with it. One of the guys there regularly comes straight from work in a hi-vis jacket, and often says that he’s my Bad Moons’ bigest fan…

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