An Epic conversion, and some Fantasy ones.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been focusing on my Bad Moon Gorkanaut conversion. After last week’s Dread Mob post, I had a request for some more pics of my Gorkanaut, so I snapped a few with my pair of Meks for scale. The Meks themselves are spare Battlewagon gunners with Warbiker arms, heads and backpacks from the Burna Boyz kit, and Killa Kan Big Shoota drums on top.

Gorkanaut conversion (1).jpg

I covered the most glaring holes with plasticard and glyphs, and really went to town on covering it in bitz to make it look suitably Orky. I think its ‘collar’ and the top of its gun are from the Chaos vehicle accessories sprue. They seemed appropriate for looting, so I went right ahead.

Gorkanaut conversion (2).jpg

Although it isn’t the focal point of the model, I didn’t want to leave the back too ‘plain’ compared to the front. The main power plant parts are Stompa spares, and there’s a Trukk dashboard on there too for good measure. You can see most of the Gargant’s gun port holes covered with Battlewagon armour plates/skirts on the lower half too.

While I was at it, I snapped a picture of my Ogre to Flash Gitz conversions as well. Simple, but effective.

Ogre Flash Gitz.jpg

Next week, I’ll show off the last of my Bad Moons…

12 thoughts on “An Epic conversion, and some Fantasy ones.

  1. Nice work on that Gorkanaught, I meant to post a comment last week asking for some close-ups but you’ve beaten me to it 🙂

    Like the ogre-gits as well, I hadn’t thought of doing that but it works nicely. When I made my first gits I went the opposite way round, using ork nob bodies but arming them with the ogre cannons.

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    1. Cheers! I like the sound of your conversions – very Orky! Back in 4th edition I converted some Deathskull Gitz from Ardboyz with modern Nob kombi-weapons and the 2nd edition plasma/melta guns that came on the old bolter sprue. I sold them a while ago, but I might still have a picture somewhere…

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