Something stompy this way comes!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been focusing on my Bad Moons Stompa Mob. These guys made up the Apocalypse Stompa Mob in a previous edition, and although they don’t see a great deal of action they’re (understandably) some of my favourite models.

Stompa Mob (1).jpg

Not re-based (duh!): 2 Stompas, Kustom (Big Mek) Stompa

Having three Stompas meant that I was going to have to do some work to make them look different enough from each other, but I think I achieved this. For my two regular Stompas, I assembled one with loads of glyphs and the other with loads of spikes. I painted the glyphs a variety of colours, but painted all of the spikes silver. I also painted some freehand flames on the spiky Stompa (which I looted from its inaugural battle Apocalypse battle report in White Dwarf 351).

For the third Stompa (and boss of the Mob), I wanted a Big Mek Stompa (or a Kustom Stompa as it’s now known). As lovely as the Forge World options are, I decided to opt for spending time rather than money, and jumped into converting my own unique weapons for it. Back in 7th edition, the Big Mek Stompa didn’t have its gatler or all of its rokkits, so I left them off. At least it made its gun arm look a little different to the other two (if a bit weedier). For its Lifta-Droppa arm, I cut off the saw part of the close combat arm and replaced it with a claw made from four Battlewagon grabba klaws and a Trukk’s searchlight at the centre. I painted these with a glowing blue effect that I’m really pleased with. I believe it was Teclis Blue, followed by Nuln Oil, then Teclis Blue and Lothern Blue highlights. I also attempted a little OSL technique with some Teclis Blue highlights around the ends of the klaws.

Stompa Mob (2).jpg

The Gaze of Mork was also from the Battlewagon; this time using the Lobba from the upgrade sprue to look like a giant, cyclopean eye. It fit rather well instead of the default faceplates, and makes the head look a lot different to the other two. I also replaced its horns with some Kustom Force Field bits from the Meganobz kit, as the old Big Mek Stompa used to have d6 force fields. I painted these and the Gaze with the same glowing effect as the Lifta-Droppa, which I think nicely draws attention to the head.

Stompa Mob (3).jpg

The Belly Gun was a pretty easy addition. It’s simply the gatler that I didn’t use on its arm, but with the multiple smaller barrels left off to look like one big barrel. I had to clip away a bit of the big boss plate glyph to make it fit, but that was easy enough. I was also determined that it would have the correct positioning for a Belly Gun, rather than some of the ‘a fair bit lower than the belly’ examples that I’d seen online…

Unfortunately, I’ve not had many Apocalypse games where I’ve been able to use all three of them together as a Stompa Mob (only two, I think), so I’m hoping that will change in the not too distant future. I can certainly see myself using Command Re-rolls for my Gaze of Mork in this edition…

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