We can’t stop here; this is mushroom country.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting my last two Gobbapalooza members – the Scaremonger (back left) and the Shroomancer (back centre). The band is back together!

Gobbapalooza (4)

These two were probably the fiddliest ones to paint. The Shroomancer is a very busy model, and having assembled the Scaremonger, it left quite a few places hard to reach (such as the Grot carrying the Squig skeleton). I managed though, and I’m pleased with how things have turned out. I hope to use all five of them in a game one day, hence the group shot.

Speaking of games, we’ve got a weekend of Meeting Engagements coming up next month, so I need to narrow down a 1,000 point list for that. I’ve got roughly 3,000 points to choose from (not bad for roughly 10 months’ work), so I’ll have to leave most of it out. I could potentially go all Squigs, all Grotz, or (most likely) somewhere in between. I’ve never been a ‘win at all costs’ kinda gamer, so I’ll most likely end up choosing what I think looks cool and/or units that I’ve not yet used.

With these guys out of the way, I’ve only got two models left to paint for my Gloomspite Gitz now. Unfortunately, they’re the two biggest models (Mangler Squigs and a Loonshrine), so I’ve still got a fair amount of work to do. I might have a Kill Team game or two coming up first though, and I’ve got a dozen or so models that need painting for my new Kill Team (because one Kill Team just isn’t enough)…

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