Classic Metal!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting some classic metal models. I invested in a load of old Greenskinz models just before they got discontinued, so rather than sell them on I’ve decided that I’m going count to count as Bonesplitterz. They’re definitely not as well armoured as my Ironjawz, so I reckon I can get away with it.


Therefore, this classic Nazgob Shaman is going to count as a Wurrgog Prophet. He’s got a staff and a blade, and I also painted up a classic ‘Growler’ Squig Hound to count as his Squiggly Beast. I know they’re on separate bases, but I’ll just ignore the Squig for measurement and rules purposes. He was just too cute to resist!

I decided that I’m probably not going to have time to finish up a full Kill Team in the next month, so I’ll stick with some more AoS next week. I’ve certainly got a few more Greenskinz to paint up…

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