Raiders of the lost Orc!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting some more classic metal models. These two were released just over a decade ago as part of the Citadel Collectors Range.

Orc Raiders.jpg

The aptly named ‘Orc Raider with Torch’ and ‘Orc Raider with Pig’ are yet more fantastically characterful Orc models. As with the rest of my Greenskinz, they’ll be counted as Bonesplitterz, so I needed to think how I could fit them into my army.

I could have probably counted them as Savage Orruk command (champions, standards or musicians), but I thought that they were a bit too special to be stuck in a unit with the rank and file. They didn’t look magical enough to be more Wurrgog Prophets, nor beefy enough to Savage Big Bosses, so I needed something else.

Then, I had the thought of counting them as Wardokks. I painted their flames to look magical (which covers the magic part), and they both look a bit mad and more than willing to do a little dance to please Gork (or possibly Mork).

I’ve no idea what they’ll be like in game, but I imagine having a few extra Arcane Bolts to throw around won’t hurt. Well, maybe my opponents…

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