One Brother.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been painting a Gargant! I’ve only got the basecoats down so far, so here’s a WIP picture. This particular Giant is Uzwak – one of the three brothers mentioned in Triple Trouble.

Giants 1

I’ve had my Gargants for a year or so now, but I only got around to building them recently as I wanted to keep them as a reward for finishing off the rest of my Gitz. I built them roughly following the Orcs and Goblins and Dogs of War Giants guides from White Dwarf 316, but I felt that they still needed a little something to tie them in to my Gitz a bit better. A rummage around in my bitz box produced a few spare Mangler Squig masks, which fit rather nicely (with minimal cutting).

I decided when I bought my Gargants that I’d paint them with dark skin. I’d not seen any dark-skinned versions before, and I thought that they’d look much better standing alongside my Destruction armies than their usual light-skinned look would. I recently spotted a new Warhammer TV video for dark skin, and the new Cities of Sigmar Battletome had a similar guide too, so I bought the necessary paints (Catachan Flesh and Bloodreaver Flesh) to get them covered.

Despite it being a larger model, it’s actually been fairly quick to paint so far – and a much needed change of pace/scale from Gobbos! Next week, hopefully his brother will make an appearance…

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