Wandering Beast Mode.

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been attending the Black Library Weekender. I also visited Warhammer World, and picked up a few new models that I’ll hopefully get around to painting in the not too distant future.

I took my retro Goff Kill Team with me to Warhammer World, but unfortunately nobody else brought theirs so I didn’t get any games in with them. I at least let them out for a look around though, and they were rather taken by the ruined Imperial architecture.

I took the Three Brothers (and my Gobbapalooza) along as well, and they got to have a bit of a run around in Shyish and (what I assume was) Aqshy.

The Weekender itself also had a few tables running small games based on Black Library characters: Eisenhorn vs 10 Poxwalkers; Severina Raine vs 10 Poxwalkers; and Gotrek vs 3 Gargants. With me bringing my own Gargants along, I was hoping to get a game in against Gotrek with them, but unfortunately the Gotrek model was nowhere to be seen all weekend. Sad times indeed. I reckon he was scared.

I did manage to play a quick game against Eisenhorn though. Despite having a combo of Smite, Bolt Pistol and Runestaff each turn, the Poxwalkers passed several Disgustingly Resilient saves and managed to swamp him. Over the course of a few turns the infected heretics managed to claw away four of Eisenhorn’s five wounds, but the Inquisitor was eventually triumphant.

Next week, I’m hoping to make a start on one of the last of my Gloomspite Gitz models…

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