Gloomspite Gitz vs Skaven (1k)

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been typing up a battle report from our recent Meeting Engagement weekend.

Mark and I played the Centre Ground battleplan from the General’s Handbook 2019. This battleplan had one central objective, with victory points being awarded both for claiming it and also for causing more wounds (from slain models) than your opponent.

Gloomspite Gitz
Spearhead: Loonboss on Giant Cave Squig, 5 Squig Hoppers
Main Body: Madcap Shaman, 40 Stabbas
Rearguard: 20 Shootas, 12 Squig Herd, Squig Gobba
#Endless Spell: Squignado (Malevolent Moon)
#Command Trait: Dead Shouty
#Artefact of Power: The Clammy Cowl
#Spell Lore: The Great Green Spite

Spearhead: Warlock Bombardier
Main Body: 3 Stormfiends, 5 Poisoned Wind Globadiers, Arch-Warlock, Ratling Gun, Warpfire Thrower
Rearguard: 6 Warplock Jezzails
#Endless Spell: Vermintide


Mark won the battle round roll off, and opted to go second. His Arch-Warlock generated seven Warpstone Sparks to use throughout the battle. With only three units between our Spearheads, the first turn was swift. My Dead Shouty Loonboss suggested Let’s Get Bouncing! to the Squig Hoppers, who promptly boinged their way towards the objective. My Stabbas and Shaman arrived at the end of the turn, with the Stabbas having to stretch themselves thinly to fit into the narrow deployment zone. Mark’s Warlock Bombardier used a Warpstone Spark to overpower his More-More Doomrocket, killing two of the Squig Hoppers and wounding a third. The Loonboss’ Inspiring Presence kept them from fleeing however, as the majority of the Skaven arrived.


The Skaven went first in the second battle round, with the Bad Moon making its way onto the first quarter of the table. The Warlock Bombardier cast Vermintide, which immediately gobbled up a pair of Squig Hoppers and left the last one wounded – which was promptly finished off by a well-placed Doomrocket after the Arch-Warlock’s Warp Lightning Storm failed. Thankfully, the rest of the Skaven weapons were out of range or line of sight, so their turn ended with the arrival of their Jezzails in the Rearguard. My Shaman attempted to use the size of the nearby Stabbas to cast Great Green Spite on the Stormfiends, but it was unbound thanks to the timely use of a Warpstone Spark. The Stabbas then advanced, losing three to the inconveniently placed Vermintide. They fared better when they charged the Stormfiends however – losing none to the magical rodents! The horde of Gobbos managed to wound the Arch-Warlock and cause three wounds on the Stormfiends, but took eight wounds in return. As with the Squig Hoppers before them, the Loonboss’ Inspiring Presence kept them in the fight as Gitz Rearguard arrived.


The Skaven went first once again, with the Bad Moon rising into the centre of the table. The Arch-Warlock’s Warp Lightning Storm succeeded this turn, killing four Stabbas, but its Chain Warp Lightning was unbound by the Shaman. The Warlock Bombardier’s Warp Lightning also killed four Stabbas, reducing their rank bonus. The Warpfire Thrower moved as close to the Stabbas as it could, while the Poisoned Wind Globadiers ran towards the newly arrived Squig Gobba. It was at that point that things started to go downhill for the Moonclan. The Warpfire Thrower used a Warpstone Spark to increase its damage [which we later discovered we shouldn’t have done] and fried twelve Stabbas. The Ratling Gun released its gimbal-limiter to double its attacks and killed another eight, and then the Storm Fiends’ Ratling Cannons finished off the unit. The Warlock Bombardier used a Warpstone Spark to overpower his More-More Doomrocket at the Loonboss, but he was luckily saved by being in cover [making his saving throw of 6+!]. The shooting phase finished off with the Poisoned Wind Globadiers lobbing their payload over the wall separating them from the Squig Gobba, causing exactly the eight wounds needed to kill it. On the plus side, I had no Battleshock tests to take as any units that took casualties were wiped out. Small mercies, and all that.

The Bad Moon shone its eerie light on the Jezzails, causing three wounds, and the Shaman dispelled the Vermintide. The Herders prodded their Lunar Squigs to Go Dat Way! towards the Stormfiends and caused three wounds (which finished one of them off after the Shootas caused two wounds with their bows). The survivors managed to clobber two Squigs in response, causing another three to Go Wild as they fled – causing two mortal wounds on the oversized rats.


The Skaven went first in the fourth and final battle round, and the Bad Moon had obviously had enough as it sped off the battlefield and left its worshippers in the dark. The Warlock Bombardier’s Warp Lightning was unbound and the Arch-Warlock’s Warp Lightning Storm failed, but he managed to cast Vermintide again and sent it scurrying towards the Shootas. The Warlock Bombardier ran towards the objective as the Poisoned Wind Globadiers headed for the Shootas but threw their death globes at the Loonboss (wounding him twice). The remainder of the Skaven army focused their fire on the Squigs and wiped them out. In the final turn of the game, the Loonboss consumed a Redcap Mushroom and charged into the Warlock Bombardier as the Shaman made his way to the objective. The Loonboss was victorious in combat, leaving the objective in the hands of the much depleted Gitz, earning them a minor victory.


That was one brutal game. I had no idea how effective the Skaven shooting would be, and I never want to get close to a Warpfire Thrower again! Claiming (and holding) the objective early on was what won me the game, but a few more casualties and it could have easily gone the Skaven’s way. I like that you get victory points for both objectives and wounds though. It makes things very interesting.

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