Bad Moon setting, Chaos rising…

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been prepping for a New Year, new army. So, following on from last year’s hobby roundup, I thought it would be a good idea to see how I fared against my pledges.

Bad Moon.jpg
This picture was taken at our most recent weekender. Mark insists that it had a part to play in my victory over him…

My goal for last year was to finish off all of my current Destruction models (which I managed for my Gitz, but not for my Orruks); make a start on my Blood Axe army (which I didn’t do); and clear some of my 40k Ork backlog (which I didn’t get round to either). I’ve not done too well against these targets, but I was productive in other, unplanned ways – such as re-basing nearly 200 Orks to a lighter, desert scheme.

I still painted well over a hundred models in total last year though, which I’m very pleased with. That figure was mostly my Gloomspite Gitz (which now sit at around 3,500 points), but also includes half a dozen old metal models (second edition Goffs and fantasy Orcs). I also built and undercoated dozens of Evil Sunz models; including a Trukk, a couple of Oddboyz, 9 Meganobz and 18 Warbikers. Hopefully with them being red, I’ll be able to paint them a bit faster when I get round to them.

Next year, my (hopefully more achievable) goal is to finish off all of my currently built and boxed Ironjawz models (still about 1,000 points); clear my backlog of 40k Ork Boyz (about 30 Bad Moons and 40 Evil Sunz); paint up another retro Kill Team (Snakebites); and also take part in a new project with the rest of the Council of the Aaronorium…

Start Collecting (Slaves to Darkness).jpg
Chaos, Undecided.

The magnificent Ross announced our new project in his post yesterday – which is Chaos! With Aaron penning several stories in the recently released Battletome: Slave to Darkness, we settled upon the idea for us to inject some more life into the blog with us each undertaking a project to collect a new Chaos army along the lines of Path to Glory.

Being a fan of the iconic look of Chaos Warriors, I also opted for a Slaves to Darkness army, and promptly snapped up two of the old Start Collecting! boxes before they got updated. They’ll give me a solid foundation of Chaos Sorcerer Lords, Warriors, Knights and Chariots. A very classic Warhammer Fantasy look, and a fairly small/elite force.

This first month, we’ll be starting with our Champions, so I’ll be painting up one of my Chaos Sorcerer Lords. I’m currently thinking of going for a similar colour scheme to the Iron Horde but with classic Chaos Warrior details, which I’ll confirm/correct next month once it’s been finalised. I’m hoping that this relatively simple-looking scheme will make for some fairly easy-going painting, and therefore allow me to work on clearing my various greenskin backlogs on the side. We’ll be documenting our progress each month, with myself taking the first week of each month (hence today’s post!).

I look forward to seeing what the other guys come up with!

3 thoughts on “Bad Moon setting, Chaos rising…

    1. Cheers. I’m not planning on anything too adventurous conversion-wise. I might kitbash a Lord and/or some Spawn once I’ve got the main body of my army sorted.


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