Qargath, the Exile


Hey folks,

Here’s my Chaos Lord, delivered just about on schedule. I had fun painting this chap, although it did take frigging ages. Shouldn’t be surprised about that. Since my last post I’ve managed to squeeze in an hour or two most evenings, with some longer sessions over the weekends. I’d say there’s probably about 40 hours in him. I’ll break up my commentary with some alternate angles, because everyone just skips to the photos these days anyway, right?


It’s always risky jumping right into your general without a solid idea of how you’re going to do it, but I’ve never been one for doing test models. I don’t have the models to spare, and I’d rather be painting something that counts in any case. My rough idea for this scheme was to stick fairly closely to the default Slaves to Darkness palette, but with some nods to the desert environment we’re gearing towards.


I’m very pleased with the way the shading turned out on the cloak. I’ve always been pretty ropey with both big flat areas and lighter colours, but I stopped and thought about this one before jumping in and it worked nicely. Took me two full hours just to get a solid base coat over the black undercoat mind you. That wasn’t much fun. (Ha, just noticed that mould line on his foot, oof!)


I went for a more neutral black on the armour than that with which the studio’s models are painted (using the blue-greys for highlights). I’ve not done a warm toned army in a while (the ghosts and the trees are all blues and greens), so I packed away all those cool colours before I started to make sure that I limited my palette to the right range. The bluest colour on this model is also that one that I like least i.e. the purple wrappings. I’ve since picked up Genestealer Purple for a more muted highlight colour than the Screamer Pink which was used here.


GW’s models are so good these days that I rarely feel the need to convert them, but I wanted to give my general a little something extra. I felt that the two heads that come in the box were a bit too Chaosy for my liking, so I pinched the Champion’s head from the Warriors. His little horns are somewhat crown-like, which fit my narrative of an exiled king, and they aren’t quite so hideous a mutation as the giant horn on the standard head. I had to chop off the topknot and glue it back on the other way round so that his luscious locks were blowing in the same direction as the cloak.


The gold on this model turned out better than it usually does when I paint it. I think this is because after I’d done the highlights I went back in with Nuln Oil and Agrax to add depth.


I had fun painting the glowing runes and cracks in the armour plates. They’re not quite as smooth as the studio’s job (not that I was expecting I could do that), but they turned out better than when I’ve tried anything similar in the past. I’m getting better at looking at a picture of a paint job and being able to figure out roughly how it was done.


I usually drybrush areas of heavy texture like fur, but this time I decided to shade and highlight it properly, and while it was painstaking, it gives a much sharper result.

My unit for February will be the Chaos Knights. These guys are each nearly the same size as the Chaos Lord, so I’m not sure if I’m going to get all five done in the same amount of time, but I’ll give it a shot. 

I think I’ll do a full painting guide in March when I do the Warriors, but if you’ve any questions about how I did particular bits feel free to ask in the comments.

Till next time,


13 thoughts on “Qargath, the Exile

  1. Great model and way to start with a bang with a top class paint job on your general!

    I really love the fur on this guy – that extra time spent layering it has really paid off as it looks super smooth!

    Great start, looking forward to more!




  2. I would really like a better idea of how you went about painting the lizard. I really like the more natural look and would love to achieve something similar.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks, I’m happier with the more natural look too. I wanted it to look like it actually lived in the environment I was basing them for.

      The scheme for the lizard was as follows:

      Steel Legion Drab, in a few thin coats over a white basecoat to get an even spread

      Mix Agrax Earthshade and Lahmian Medium 3:1, and wash the whole model with it. Optionally, you can then go back with pure Agrax and shade the deepest areas again.

      I then layered the larger scales with Baneblade Brown, leaving some of previous layers visible in the recesses. You can use my photos for reference. I drybrushed the smaller scales on the underside with the same.

      Finally, highlight the larger scales with Karak Stone, and give the smaller ones a drybrush of the same.

      The black spines were Abaddon Black highlighted with Skavenblight Dinge and Administratum Grey, and for the transition to the sand-coloured scales, I mixed Abaddon Black and Lahmian Medium 1:1 and painted it across the two colours to blend them.


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