We are the Champion.

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been a hobby butterfly. In addition to starting my Chaos army with my Champion, I also finished off my Loonshrine (and there was much rejoicing!), assembled some Squig Hoppers and painted a random Bad Moon to boot. Hopefully 2020 will continue to be a productive year!

It was my birthday last month, and I received a Start Collecting! Beastclaw Raiders box, some more Moonclan Grots and a Deffkilla Wartrike. They’re for after my Chaos are all painted – honest! I also received a pair of lamps with daylight bulbs (as used by Ross), so I’ve upped my picture-taking game this month. So, without further ado, allow me to introduce: Lord Inishtranull, Chaos Sorcerer Lord of the Silent Ruin.

Chaos Sorcerer

To stand out from the crowd of pale-skinned, dark-robed Sorcerers, I opted to reverse things and went with a dark-skinned, pale-robed Sorcerer. I didn’t want to dedicate my force to one of the big four, so picking a neutral spot colour required some planning (no red, green, blue or pink). In the end, I decided upon Nihilakh Oxide, as it’s not quite green enough for Nurgle or blue enough for Tzeentch. It’s got a bit of a magical/ethereal look to it (similar to my green Waaagh! magic), which works nicely with the model being a Sorcerer.

I assembled the model as is, but mounted it on the 32mm round base that it came with to better fit in with its minions. I then undercoated the model with Leadbelcher spray, washed the whole model with Nuln Oil and then washed the armour trim a second time. After that, I drybrushed the whole model with Stormhost Silver and then painted the non-metallic details before basing as per my 40k Orks. Here’s my recipe:

Metal: Leadbelcher
Cloak: Dawnstone
Horns: Zandri Dust
Leather (Boots/Belt/Gloves): Rhinox Hide
Fur: Eshin Grey
Gold: Retributor Gold
Skin: Catachan Flesh
Icons: Nihilakh Oxide

Metal/Cloak/Leather/Fur: Nuln Oil
Horns/Gold/Skin: Agrax Earthshade
Icons: Biel-Tan Green

Metal: Stormhost Silver [drybrush]
Cloak: Administratum Grey
Horns: Ushabti Bone/Screaming Skull
Leather (Boots/Belt/Gloves): Catachan Flesh
Fur: Administratum Grey
Gold: Stormhost Silver [drybrush]
Skin: Bloodreaver Flesh/Bugman’s Glow
Icons: Waywatcher Green

PVA glue
Sand – I used my girlfriend’s Woodland Scenics Fine Buff Ballast
Zandri Dust
Screaming Skull [all over drybrush]
Pallid Wych Flesh [lighter drybrush]

I also came up with a bit of lore for my Slaves to Darkness:

The Silent Ruin:
Originally hailing from the Chaos-tainted lands even farther edgewards than the desolate Whispering Wastes, the Silent Ruin have journeyed corewards towards Gol Rathir at the behest of their leader: Lord Inishtranull. The powerful Chaos Sorcerer is said to have stared into the abyss at the wild, untamed edges of Ghur, and heard the call of the void. Its message: “Hidden under the light of Gol Rathir, the heart of Ghur will open when four voices become one.”. Interpreting ‘the light of Gol Rathir’ to mean the lighthouse-city of Jebel Zooghur and the latter part of the prophecy to denote the silencing of three rival champions, the Silent Ruin have started on their path to glory, to take their rightful place as the rulers of Ghur.

Next month, I’ll be bulking out my army with some rank and file…


On a greener note, I managed to finish my Loonshrine without going (completely) insane, and I painted up Bad Moon too. I know he’s armed with a Big Shoota, but I’ll be counting him as a Loota (due to having enough of the old Assault on Black Reach Boyz to form their own mob). With our focus being firmly on Age of Sigmar for the past couple of years – barring my retro Goff Kill Team – it’s been almost three years since I last painted some 40k Orks (much to my shame). After two years of using Agrax Earthshade for all of my Destruction models, it was nice to get back to using some Biel-Tan Green for a change! I really enjoyed getting him done, and hopefully I can keep chipping away at more 40k Orks over the course of the year.


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