Chaos Knights


I got these guys finished on Sunday, so it’s technically still within the “3rd week of the month” deadline I’ve set myself. Still, I knew it would be close, and it was a bit of a rush to the finish line.

I’d suspected before starting these guys that it might be a bit of a task to get them done in 3 weeks, and I suppose I did dilly dally towards the start, but the size of these guys coupled with the sheer amount of detail on them made it feel like I was never going to finish them.

The low point was definitely painting all the gold. I’ve avoided metals as much as I can in the past, but it was unavoidable on this bunch. The GW paints separate something crazy, and I was having real trouble getting good coverage with them. Highlights are all over the place because the paint just wouldn’t come off the brush the way I wanted it to.

I’ve a feeling my next army will be one cloaked entirely in billowing fabrics. I’m very happy with the way the red fabric and the sand-coloured capes turned out on this bunch, and on the Chaos Lord. Fabrics are much more forgiving to a misplaced highlight than straight-edged armour plates are.

I was dreading painting the horse-flesh going into this, but it actually turned out OK. I think the trick is big flat areas of colour. I’ve a tendency to over shade things with multiples layers and gradients, but if you just shade the deep recesses and highlight the top edges your brain fills in the rest of the information. I’m not super happy with the colour of the light brown one – it’s definitely less hair-coloured and more flesh-coloured which is a bit creepy, but they’re mutant hell-steeds, so whatever.

They look sharp as a group, but I’m kinda disappointed that the box didn’t come with a musician and standard bearer as I’ll definitely not be painting a unit as involved as this bunch for a good long while, so this is all they’re going to be.


Overall, another paint job that I’m very happy with, but which I’ve no desire to tackle again any time soon. I just hope they don’t get murdered in the first turn, or I might actually cry.

Next up is the Chaos Warriors. Between now and then we’re having our first weekender, so I’ll be able to get some gaming in with this bunch. I only need 5 Warriors to complete my starting Path to Glory warband, so I might even get them painted before we game. But for now, I look forward to a week off from painting. Pretty well deserved, if I do say so myself.

Till next time,


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