Hello. Hallo. Hej.

Hello. Hallo. Hej. Hallo (the German version, the first one was in Dutch, big difference).

As a regular visitor to the Aaronorium I’ve made a few guest appearances in other people’s posts (or have been name dropped). And recently the others have asked me to also start writing on the blog here. And for my first post, a quick introduction.

Falthred, the unbroken

It has been fifteen or so odd years ago that a friend introduced me to the wonderful world of miniature wargaming. First through the magazines of the Lord of the Rings miniature game (that was a thing in the Netherlands, not sure about the rest of the world) and later Warhammer Fantasy Battle. Dark Elves are still my first love and maybe one day I will actually collect an army of them that does not look like they have been puked out by a nurgling. Who knows?

Through the years there have been various attempts at starting to collect something that resembles a functional army. There has been Chaos. There has Tau. Some old school Necromunda. I might do a future blog post describing my various attempts at some point. But it has only been recently (late 2017) I managed to actually start something and finish it. Mostly thanks to how awesome Age of Sigmar is.

The forgotten Guide

There are people out there that better describe why Age of Sigmar is so good, but it has sucked me in like few other settings have. There is no real constraints on what you can do. From lowly humans eking out an existence in a chaos dominated world to space-faring lizard people. There is something for everyone and I think that is great.

My first steps into AoS was with death. Spending the better part of the year learning again how to paint and trying to find my own style. But it was only last year that things suddenly clicked for me and I started kitbashing and converting minis as I build up my new army. In all my years of building, painting and playing with miniatures, the personalising your own creations has been my favourite. And with Legions of Nagash, I really dove into it headfirst.

Part of the collection

The goal was to have every model altered in this army in some way or form. In the case of the Chainrasp, it was only attaching them to the base in a different way and making the leader stand out slightly more. The blood knights are based on chaos marauders and the cold one knights. The skeleton warriors use the most excellent Cawdor kit (I think I have bought like 5-6 boxes of them by now).

Gerhard and the Sworn Swords

But that was 2019. 2020 is a new year new army moment and for the past 2-3 months I have been messing around with various bits and pieces, trying to follow along with Ross and Colin as they began their armies. Me being me, I shelved the first couple of attempts, but I have settled on something and hope to show off the first images soon.

And that is all for now.

New year, new skulls for the skull throne.

6 thoughts on “Hello. Hallo. Hej.

  1. That Death army looks outstanding – I implore (nae – demand!) more pictures, I’m giving myself eye-strain trying to make out every unit in that group shot! As for Khorne Beastmen – were there ever two words that sounded better in combination? Can’t wait to see what you come up with there.


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