Path to Glory!

Greetings, fellow humans! This week, I have mostly been typing up some battle reports from our recent Path to Glory weekend. Ross and I managed to get a series of games in against each other, which I’ll summarise below.

The Silent Ruin
Chaos Sorcerer Lord
10 Chaos Warriors (including musician)
5 Chaos Warriors (including champion)
5 Chaos Warriors (including banner)

The warband of Qargath, the Exile (Ross)
Chaos Lord on Karkadrak
5 Chaos Knights
5 Chaos Warriors

I was going off the old Path to Glory tables (which had 3 Followers for a Chaos Sorcerer Lord rather than 4), so I had to use an unpainted unit to make things up (much to my shame). As we both only really had our starting warbands painted up, we decided that we’d take Rewards between games instead of Followers, so that our units would become more powerful as the day/games progressed.

The Rivals (Path to Glory, 2017)

This battleplan had each player pick a ‘rival’ unit, which would receive bonuses against each other in the game, with the objective being to wipe each other’s unit out. Rather unsurprisingly, we both picked our toughest units for the task (my large unit of Chaos Warriors and Ross’s Chaos Knights).

Ross had priority in the first turn, and having speed on his side meant that his Lord and Knights charged into my large unit of Warriors. His unit of Warriors also managed to charge one of my smaller units, so there was plenty of combat this turn. The combined attacks of the Knights’ flail, lances and horses accounted for three Warriors, whereas the mighty Lord and his mount killed another five Warriors! The small units of Warriors wounded each other, but there were no casualties.

My Sorcerer Lord tried to grant Daemonic Power to my unengaged Warriors, but failed, so provided them with Oracular Visions instead. The two surviving Warriors from the large unit fled, allowing the boosted Warrior to charge into the Knights – killing one of them. Our small units of Warriors struck down a model apiece, while the Knights avenged their dead by running through a pair of Warriors.

The following turn saw Ross retain priority, and charge his Lord into my two fleeing Warriors. He cut these down with ease, ending the bitter rivalry and thus winning him the game. Ross’ Lord was Bolstered by Hate (+1W), while my large unit of Warriors received Furious Fervour (slain models can make an attack before being removed).


Cornered (Path to Glory, 2017)

This battleplan had a pursuer (attacker) and a marauder (defender), with the marauder’s general having to escape the board and the pursuer having to prevent them from doing so. We rolled off to determine sides and Ross took the role of marauder. He had to split his warband into two equal halves, and I got to pick which half would be supporting his Lord. Rather unsurprisingly, I chose to face his Chaos Warriors and picked his Knights to be indisposed.

I spread my four units around the board in an attempt to cover all board edges, but there were still plenty of gaps for Ross’ Lord to escape through. He headed straight for my Sorcerer and cut him down with ease, while my Warriors wounded one of his for the loss of two in return.

My turn saw my unengaged units running towards Ross’ Lord, but it was too little, too late. Our Warriors cut down one apiece, and then the Lord escaped as Ross claimed priority in the second round. As a result of our swift battle, both Ross’ Warriors and my large unit became Skilled and Scarred (+1 to hit on the charge).


The Monolith (Path to Glory, 2017)

This battleplan had a desecrator (attacker) and a gloryseeker (defender), with the gloryseeker having to construct a Monolith and the desecrator having to tear it down. We rolled off to determine sides and despite my previous losses I took the role of gloryseeker. I tried to spread my units out even to create two thin lines of defence for Ross to break through before getting to my Monolith and Sorcerer.

Ross’ whole warband advanced towards the first line of defence, including his Warriors making an epic 12 charge! After the dust had settled, seven of my Warriors lay dead, with just one of Ross’ wounded. To buy some time to complete construction of the Monolith, my Sorcerer cast Daemonic Power to my large unit of Warriors and also provided them with Oracular Visions instead (allowing them to re-roll failed hits, wounds and saves). Suitably empowered, they charged into the Knights and (with a little help from the survivors from the other units) killed three of their mounted foes. The remaining Knights could only manage to wound one of their attackers, but the Lord finished off another two Warriors.

Ross took priority in the second turn, and having carved his way through his opponents his Lord made for the Sorcerer on the Monolith. Between his thunderous charge and a swing of his axe, the Lord once again cut down his rival general. My Warriors managed to finish off his Knights though, so the Lord was rapidly running out of followers. The few followers that he had managed to hold out against mine however, and when Ross took priority in the third turn his Lord managed to tear down my Monolith. Despite being wiped out, Ross’ Knights became Keen for Conflict (able to run and charge); as did my large unit – meaning that they now had all three available follower rewards (and were super killy).


Beast’s Lair (Path to Glory, 2017)

This battleplan had a terrain piece in the centre of the board to represent a beast’s lair, and we chose a Troglodon as our beast and a suitably shiny counter to represent its egg. Players would determine who controlled the monster each turn, and could control it accordingly. The major victory conditions for this battleplan were hard to achieve however, as you had to kill the beast, be close to its lair, and have your opponent not be close to its lair.

I rolled priority for a change, so advanced my whole warband towards the lair and sent the Troglodon off to munch on Ross’ Lord. It caused four wounds, but suffered three in return, so it was quite the start that I was after. In Ross’ turn, his Knights charged into one of my smaller units (killing three for a wound in return), while the Troglodon continued to attack the Lord (causing a further three wounds). The Lord was having none of it however, and proceeded to slay the beast and heal himself in the process (thanks to his daemonic axe)! With the major victory unachieved due to my proximity to the lair, we made the executive decision to carry on with the game and fight to claim the now unguarded egg.

Despite his regenerative ability, the Lord was still wounded from his fight with the Troglodon. My large unit of Warriors saw their chance – charging in and killing the Lord! A war of attrition followed, but after two more turns my warband wiped out Ross’ (thanks in no small part to their huge lizard ally). To reward his success, my general became a Studied Sorcerer (+1 to cast/unbind/dispel rolls) while Ross’ Knights gained Furious Fervour.


Blood Swamp (Battletome: Beasts of Chaos)

With the remaining Path to Glory battleplans seeming a bit more involved (in terms of victory conditions and/or players), we had a look through a few Chaos Battletomes to see if we could find a suitable one to try. We decided upon the Blood Swamp battleplan from the Beast of Chaos book, with one side counting as Beastmen for the purposes of special rules (and replacing references to ‘Swamp’ with ‘Desert’ and ‘Herdstone’ with ‘Shrine’). The premise was similar to The Monolith, so this time Ross played the defender and I played the invader.

My two small units were lost in the desert, but my Sorcerer and large unit ran towards Ross’ territory. Despite being Keen for Conflict and urged Forward to Victory however, my Warriors failed to charge the enemy (needing a 10″ charge, but only rolling/re-rolling 7″). Ross’ Knights came on from the board edge using the battleplan’s Brayherd Ambush rule, but they failed their charge too. The Lord had no such misfortune charging, leaving his Warriors to guard his shrine. The Lord caused three wounds to my Sorcerer but took three wounds from my Warriors in return.

Ross had priority in the second round, and his Knights slammed into my large unit this time – killing three. The seven survivors concentrated their attacks on the Lord and caused a further five wounds, but couldn’t prevent him from cutting down my Sorcerer. He was swiftly avenged by my newly arrived banner unit, as they finished off the Lord leaving both sides without a general. In the following turn both sides continued to swing at each other, with Ross losing two Knights and myself losing a Warrior.

The third round began with Ross’ Warriors joining the fight, and promptly cutting down three Warriors from my banner unit. My Warriors killed another Knight but then lost two in retaliation. My other small unit finally arrived from the desert but they were too far away to join the ongoing combat which saw a few more wounds inflicted by either side.

The fourth and fifth rounds saw my warband slowly finish off both Ross’ Knights and Warriors, but unfortunately for me I ran out of turns to sunder his shrine, resulting in a minor victory for Ross!


I had a lot of fun playing through these games, despite a few feeling not quite suited to our smaller forces/units. It was interesting to see our units gain rewards and become more powerful over the course of the day, with my large unit of Warriors becoming rightly feared! Hopefully we can meet up again in a few months for some more games and with more units painted to give us the option to add in new followers. The models that we used this time were all that we had available from starting in January, so next time I’m tempted to build up some more Warriors so that I can start with two units of ten, both with full command.

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