City of the Sun

Just a brief update today. Just one little teeny-tiny question.


Me: “I like the metallic schemes, the down-to-earth schemes, the [Insert regal, pretentious intentions here] schemes.”

Also Me:



5 thoughts on “City of the Sun

  1. I’ve certainly been there before myself. That paint scheme hesitation is why my Tau have a bunch of test models, but no actual painted models (despite being my favorite army).

    I will say though, the model looks well painted. And I love your arcane ruins! is that scheme just working from Zandri Dust up through the bones? Asking for someone who loves sandstone but hasn’t been pleased with any of his own results 😛


    1. Yeah the Ruins were just sprayed Zandri, washed Agrax, and then dry brushed a couple of the bone colours. Can’t remember which ones I used precisely, but I might have done a post about them last year if you fancy digging back through mine.


  2. It can be horrible, but if I’ve painted a mini, gotten all the work done, and decided ‘wow, I don’t like that scheme’ and it’s for an army…. I’ll prime right back over it. It’s fine to paint a single mini in a scheme you don’t end up caring for, but to paint an entire army that way? That ends with an incomplete force and a dislike of the army faster than losing games, at least for me.

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