Blood and skulls

Back in December I was over in the Aaronorium and talked about plans for 2020. I had been thinking about doing something with Beasts of Chaos and Slaanesh for a while now and decided that I would start with it in 2020. I picked up the Battletome and spend the next few days planning armies. Pretty quickly in this process I realized that I did not want to just pin down on one of the Chaos Gods.

The way I approach most of my modelling and converting is that I either pick a unit I want to build or see a model I want to use as a base. I spend probably too much time of the web store of Games Workshop than that is healthy, just looking at the models in the 3D viewer and the sprues. How does stuff stick together, and how can I make it stick together in a different way.

My starting point for the Beasts of Chaos was going to be the Start Collecting box as well as some daemonettes. The results were not really what I had hoped for, the models worked, but also not in a good way. The paint scheme I had in mind looked alright, but it was missing something.

And when I came across someone else’s kitbash of Bestigor’s and Khorne Blood Warriors, I figured out what exactly that missing bit was. Blood. For the Blood God.

While far from perfect, the moment I put together my first bestigor I knew that 2020 would be the year when I would start collecting skulls for the skull throne. I had the opportunity to use greenstuff and milliput beyond just gapfilling and I felt like I was pushing myself to improve again.

By this point, I was behind Ross and Colin who had finished their lords and first units, and in order to catchup I picked up some more models to add to Path of Glory warband I had in mind. First up, two Beastlords. Both based on Khorne demons, I did not do much beyond a head swap for both and adding some minor bits and pieces.

I had bigger plans when I picked up both kits, but realized that their poses were already great, their weapons looked awesome and I did not really want to mess too much with it. The paint scheme that I had settled on with the bestigors went on with ease as well.

I am not as great a painter as the rest of the Aaronorium. My approach is quick, messy with a lot of mistakes that I hide behind washes and these days contrast paints. The best part of painting is weathering and there is a lot of it on these models, just more subtle than what I have done on my undead in the past.

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And that is all for this week’s post. Next time I will talk about my love hate relationship with 40k, what I plan to do this year besides the Beast-people and how I plan to keep piling on skulls on the skull throne.

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