Fresh meat

I like 40k. It is one of my favourite fictional settings, I’ve recently joined a Wrath and Glory pen and paper game and a good portion of the books on my shelves at home are Warhammer 40k related. That said, I am not a big fan of the game itself.

In the Aaronorium we have played a few times, small scale games not that different in size from the Age of Sigmar games we have run. I have mostly played as Chaos, because nothing else I have tried in 40k ever got further than a few models, but I did manage to scrape together around 1000 points of Iron Warriors. And while these matches were always fun, I feel that was despite of the game system and more because of the company.

It is hard to really pinpoint why it feels this way. Perhaps I am not familiar enough with the rules? Perhaps I just have not found the right faction. Or perhaps it just does not suit me.

That said. One of the most fun weekends I have had gaming, was a weekend long Necromunda campaign we ran a few years ago. I had not played Necromunda before, but it is the type of game I really enjoy. Small scale skirmishes, cool looking tables, customized gangs. Things that happened during that weekend are still brough up every now and then. (Katie’s Eschers still give me nightmares). I tried looking for pictures but cannot seem to find any. It has been a long time ago.

When the new edition of Necromunda rolled around, I was excited for it, but I also did not jump on it straight away. I was just getting back into wargaming and my focus was on Age of Sigmar. I kept an eye on it however, and with each gang released I could feel more and more of an itch to start.

This year, while my focus will be mainly on my Beast of Chaos, I will also work on a slow growing gang for Necro. The plan is to focus more heavily on it next year (or maybe later, who knows with all this COVID madness) but before we get there, I want to have at least one gang ready and the models to make it grow beyond.

To stick somewhat to a similar theme of what I have going with my AoS stuff, I decided to roll with the Corpse Grinder Cult. When they got first released, my eyes were mainly drawn to the Enforcer reinforcements and the amazing new zone mortalis kits. But there is something about the Corpse Grinder sculpts that appeals to me a lot.

I have assembled one box of them so far, and instead of my usual batch painting, I will take my time with each of these. Trying out new things and hopefully improve my painting. Less falling back on the techniques, I am super comfortable with, and more trying to add new things to my repertoire.

I have kept the amount of conversions to a minimum as well. A head swap here, a little bit of extra iconography there. The initiate models, however, are my least favourite in the gang, but I found some suitable replacements one that is probably up next to start painting after I have finished my current WIPs.

Next to the Corpse Grinders, I want to build and paint some other dwellers of the Underhive. Maybe they will not see any play, maybe there is a scenario where it is relevant for them to show up. Think menial workers, people that took a wrong turn or just some weird ghoul-like creatures.

These are the kinda of projects I enjoy a lot. Just digging through my pile of grey plastic and finding bits and pieces that work well together. Have a vague idea of what you want to build, and while working on it end up with something completely different. I have completed five of these so far and they served as a testbed for skin tones and colours as well trying out some colours I am not all that familiar in using.

Next up are my beast of chaos again and my attempts to make centigors.

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