All Knight long!

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting Chaos Knights. As with their footslogging counterparts, being mostly silver meant that they were relatively quick and easy to paint. I originally debated whether to go for grey or brown skin for the horses, but in the end I opted for black instead to keep things monochrome. It’s dark enough to stand out from the adjacent parts and the base, so in my mind it works.

Chaos Knights

I never used to enjoy painting cavalry (Empire) when I dabbled with Warhammer Fantasy Battles back in 4th/5th edition . That was probably down to the amount of large, flat areas that I had to deal with, and also explains why I had a sizable Dwarf army. These guys weren’t too bad though, and after a wash and a drybrush things don’t look too shabby. I still need to finish them off, but at least the bulk of the work is done.

Although building them as two units of five Knights was appealing (to build all of the different weapon options – for the look), I decided upon one big unit of ten Knights with hand weapons. Despite having been of the receiving end of Ross’ Knights’ lances, I know that they’re not that scary if they don’t get the charge, whereas the hand weapons seem like better all-rounders. With a full command too, there was still enough variety that I only have a couple of duplicate weapons.

I also painted up the mighty Minsc (and Boo!) – of Baldur’s Gate fame. I got this model as a gift over the festive period, and I figured that I could use him as a Chaos Champion/Lord at a push. Apart from Johann, I can’t remember the last time that I painted a ‘regular’ human model.



On a greener note, I also painted up another Bad Moon Loota. Two down; eight to go!

Loota (2)


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