Hit and miss

Lock down has been an interesting time for me here in Denmark. First off, it was by far not as severe as it has been in other parts of the world, so there is the relative freedom of being allowed to out and about. But on the other hand, you also want to stay inside and not risk anything.

Plenty of time for hobby one would think.

And yet I got more done now in the two weeks that the lockdown has been lifted than in the eight weeks it lasted. Partly it had to do with the circumstances and working from home did not motivate me to sit down my desk and pick up a brush. But mostly, I struggled with completing the two units I had build at the start of lockdown.

I have wanted to do centigors for a while now. They are one of the main reasons I started beasts of chaos, I just love the idea of a bunch of centaurs charging. I have had my eyes on the Sisters of Thorn / wildriders box to serve as the starting point.

I do not think my converting skills are that great, it is only this year that I really started to push using greenstuff and milliput to sculpt my own bits of fur and what not on models. And these ten centigors were the first unit I really added a lot of it.

And boy, did I learn a lot while doing it.

I started off practicing on some marauder horsemen I had laying around alongside Gor bodies. Some of these worked out better than others, but it gave me a feel on how to approach this. The Sisters of Thorn were up next, and I struggled more with them than I had expected. Especially after two of the practice attempts worked out so well.

In the end, none of them really stand up to the standard I want my army to be at. But I think I did learn on where to improve. I should not be afraid to really carve off saddles and the like, smoothening it out with sculpting putty afterwards is relatively easy.

I also think the bulkier bodies of the marauder-centigors work better than the lither bodies of the sisters. However, the biggest challenge was painting them. I was not happy with them after I had undercoated them, and then combined with in general not being in the mood to paint, made me struggle a lot and drag my feet while working on them.

In the future I might go back and make another unit. For now, these will do for whenever we get to play our first path to glory games.

And now it is one to new builds. With these centigors finished, I just need 10 more bestigors to have my starting warband ready. Unfortunately, my local stores did not have any of the bits I needed, so that is a mail order now. In the meantime, I’ve kitbashed some other things together that I hope to be showing off soon ™.

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