Hardcore Spawn.

Greetings, fellow humans! This month, I have mostly been painting Chaos Spawn. Well, the spare pair of Gorebeasts from last month’s Chaos Chariots to count as Chaos Spawn! They’re a similar size, so I cut off their reins and stuck them onto some spare 50mm bases and they were good to go. I figure that with my army being based in Ghur it’s a good enough excuse for having slightly more beastly looking Chaos Spawn. Their heavily armoured look also fits in nicely with the rest of my ‘generic’ Chaos models as well.

Chaos Gorebeasts

I opted to paint their flesh the light grey as my Chaos Warriors’ cloaks, with the thought being that the cloaks are the skinned hides of the Gorebeasts. That way, it’d offer the Chaos Warriors a level of protection as well as acting as a symbol of their martial prowess that they managed to cut one down in the first place. In hindsight though, they might have looked a bit better if they were a bit darker instead (maybe black like my horses) to help their skin stand out from their armour a bit more – but never mind.


On a greener note, I managed to finish off another two Bad Moon Lootas and have started work on my next two. I’m looking forward to using them in 9th edition when it’s safe to go out gaming again, so hopefully I’ll have my full unit of ten painted by then (and hopefully a few more Shoota Boyz as well).

Loota (3)

2 thoughts on “Hardcore Spawn.

    1. Cheers. I’m quite enjoying flitting between painting AoS and 40k at the moment. It’s satisfying the hobby butterfly within me. 🙂

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